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3DVIA Virtools 5

Comprehensive Platform for Creating Highly Interactive 3D Applications

The 3DVIA Virtools 4 Platform ushers in a unique solution for pervasively developing and deploying 3D experiences on personal computers,game consoles,Intranets and the web, demonstrating Dassault Systèmes’ commitment to bringing the power of 3D to all user communities. The open-ended architecture of 3DVIA Virtools 5 supports a wide variety of 3D formats. 3D Content Capture plugins support most commonly used DCC software formats (3ds Max®, Maya®, XSI®, Lightwave®, Collada®) for importing/exporting 3D XML files, making real-time 3D technology easily available.

3DVIA Virtools 5 allows users to imagine,

share and experience highly

interactive 3D content. 3DVIA Virtools 5 Platform enables easy development of virtual experiences such as driving, shopping, product use, maintenance and marketing tests. 3DVIA Virtools 5 also extends the range of target environments for deploying 3D experiences: MicrosoftTM Windows® and AppleTM MacOS®

computers, Wii Internet via the

and Xbox 360 game consoles, Intranets via Office and XE Players, 3DVIA player, as well as immersive environments via the VR Library.

This broad scope highlights the diversity of potential deployment options and provides a large range of communities with a powerful

solution to create andexperience life content.

Key Features

  • Programming system based on separation of objects, data and


  • Intuitive user interface with real time visualization window and

graphical programmation

Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Fingertips

The VR Library/Publisher enables distributed computing for PC clusters, which can radically lower the cost of VR projects while offering very high performance. Scenes are synchronized by

reading parameters in the master scene an

d passing them to

  • Cutting-edge rendering with Programmable Vertex and Pixel


client scenes.





are determined

  • Highly intuitive PCS model for creating highly interactive life-like


  • Multi-tiered





Language or the Virtools C++ SDK for easy implementation of customized functions, custom devices, custom 2D and 3D formats and 3rd party technologies

  • Dedicated modules and building blocks for Client and Server side

  • Standalone and Peer Server Solution depending on the final


  • Secured communication

by the developer authoring the application, and are easily accessible in the Schematic editor of 3DVIA Virtools 5. PC cluster distributedcomputingenablesrenderingfromdifferentviewpoints,a requirement for high-performance passive stereoscopy or multi-screen displays. Note that PCs with two graphics cards or a dual-head graphics card can render two or more viewpoints simultaneously. The VR Publisher can also take advantage of scalable cluster platforms such as Orad DVG: add more rendering nodes per screen to increase polygon or pixel performance and/or antialiasing quality.

Ensured Time-To-Market, Higher ROI And Reduced Development Risks

By separating objects from the data and behaviors applied to them, developers using 3DVIA Virtools 5 can more economically develop various application modules simultaneously, further shortening time-to-market. Development time is further reduced thanks to Virtools’ library of over 500 reusable behavior building blocks.

Virtools’ multi-tiered access (Graphical User Interface, VSL, SDK) enables both non-technical designers and high-end programmers to assemble the sophisticated behaviors needed to create rich interactivity. Applications grow more complex while scripts remain easy to manage. What previously required over a year of development time can now be accomplished in a matter of months.

By using 3DVIA Virtools 5, companies can now bring together a balanced team of designers and hardcore programmers, all working with 3DVIA Virtools 5 as a single hub to create high-powered technical applications that deliver compelling interactive content. By dramatically optimizing the

development of interactive 3D applications with 3DVIA Virtools 5, our clients clearly minimize their production costs.

With 3DVIA Virtools 5, corporate developers, game studios, web agencies and system integrators also reduce development risks usually associated with creating 3D highly interactive applications. Virtools’ iterative development process lets production teams move forward together. Usability can be tested throughout the development process and the reusability of Virtools building blocks means developers can optimize workflow for future projects.


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