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Nonviolence Playlets   -   compiled by  Walter Wink

Walter Wink generously says that he very much wants these playlets to be used. Note: They are to be used with the provision that credit is given to him, of course, as the source of the playlet! Walter’s homepage is www.walterwink.com/

These short playlets are intended to dramatically reconstruct actual experiences in which nonviolent direct action has been used, successfully, to overcome violence.  You might have different age groups doing the various pieces so that more youth are involved and stage changes can be made fast.  That way, one will follow the next in rapid order.  I have provided a variety of role-plays for you to choose from. Some of them may not be appropriate for your setting, but I enjoyed sharing them.

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Angie.  Setting:  One male and one female actor.  Get bed or cot, glass

that can be shattered.  Mikes on both actors, cordless.  Angie O’Gorman

is in bed (four strong people carry the bed or cot in, with Angie in or

out of it, depending on weight).  Offstage, the sound of glass

shattering (pre-taped).  Sitting up with a start, she holds the sheet up

to her chin.  A man steps into her bedroom and approaches her bed.

Quietly, she asks: “What time is it?”

Intruder: “Uh, let me see.”  He looks at his watch.  “2:30”.

O’Gorman: “2:30?  My clock says it’s 2:45.  I just set my clock by the

radio.  Are you sure your watch isn’t broken?  When did you last set


Intruder:  “I dunno, it’s been a while.”

O’Gorman:  “You ought to check it.  By the way, how did you get in?”

Intruder: “I broke the glass in the back door.”

O’Gorman:  “That’s a problem.  I don’t have the money to buy new glass.

It’s all I can do to pay my rent.”

Narrator:  O’Gorman doesn’t tell us what they talked about.  Let’s

imagine that it went something like this:

Intruder:  “I know, I’m flatout broke myself.”

O’Gorman: “You don’t have a job?”

Intruder:  “I just got out of prison a few weeks ago and no one wants to

hire a former convict.”

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