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Lice Blankets.  Setting:  A squatter’s community in South Africa was

infested with lice.  The squatters tried to get the authorities to

fumigate their shacks, working through channels, without success. [Show

them going to the town offices, urging the authorities to do something,

to no avail.]   When the authorities refused to fumigate the homes, the

leadership committee of the squatter’s community take large plastic bags

of lice-infested blankets to the administrator’s office.

Squaters;  “We asked you and asked you to fumigate our houses.  You did

nothing.  So we have brought you a little ‘present’:  lice-filled

blankets.”  [They dump the lice-infested blankets on his desk.

Official: [Begins hopping around as the lice attack.]   “OK, OK, we’ll

fumigate your houses, just get those blankets out of here.”

Squatters:  “No way.  Just send them to us when they are all fumigated.”

[Squatters and official leave stage in opposite directions.]

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Human Chain.  Setting:  Narrator: “There was a human chain created in

Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in protest against the occupation of

their country by the Soviet Union.   This chain involved 3 million

people and reached from one end of the three countries to another.  Like

the Chileans whose pot banging expressed the depth of their hostility to

the Pinochet regime, this act showed that Soviet occupation could no

longer succeed against the power of the people.”  [In the conference

where these skits were staged, the audience was intergenerational, so

this skit provided a means to march the youth of all ages out to their

separate programs.  Have them walk backstage and on and off, to give

impression of an endless chain.]

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Widow and the Judge.  Setting: Most people don’t recognize this biblical

story as being nonviolent, but it most certainly is.  Jesus tells this

story as an illustration of his aggressive kind of prayer, but it also

corresponds to Gene Sharp’s category #31 of Nonviolent Action, “Haunting

Officials.” Sharp comments, “As a means of reminding officials of the

‘immorality’ of their behavior in repressing a nonviolent resistance

movement and of the determination and fearlessness of the population,

volunteers may sometimes follow and ‘haunt’ officials everywhere they

go, thus constantly reminding them of the population’s determination.”

In the 1928 Bardoli campaign in India, “Volunteers followed officials

everywhere, camping on roads outside official bungalows. following them

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