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Nonviolence Playlets - compiled by Walter Wink - page 19 / 29





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Peasant: “See there.  You can’t love me!  I told you you couldn’t.  But

I think I might be able to pull it off if I tried.”

Soldier: “Just carry my pack.”

Peasant:  “Jesus seems to have pulled it off.  You gotta admit that the

world would be a happier place if everybody could learn to do it.”

Soldier:  “Do what?”

Peasant:  “Well, on the other hand, if even a few people could learn to

do it.

Soldier: “OK, here’s the second mile marker.  Hand my pack back.”

Peasant:  (accelerating) “That’s all right, I don’t mind carrying it a

little further.”

Soldier:  “Hey, give me back my pack.”

Peasant:  “No problem.  I think I’m beginning to get the hang of this

enemy love.

Soldier:  “Come on, give me back my pack.  I’m gonna get in trouble if

my Centurion finds out you did this.”

Peasant: “Speaking of the Devil, is that your Centurion up ahead?”

(With one final sprint, the Peasant reaches the Centurion. “Hey, boss,

this is my second mile!  (Holding up two fingers).

Centurion:  “What?!”

Soldier:  “Look, I can explain.”

Centurion:  “You’d better do some fast talking.”

Soldier:  “Well, you see, he was talking non-stop about Jesus, and I

couldn’t get a word in edgewise.  And when we got to the second mile

marker, he just took off.

Centurion:  “A likely story.  Since when have civilians voluntarily

carried our packs?”

Peasant:  “You see, I was telling him about Jesus, this new preacher who

says we can love our enemies.  Have you heard about him?”

Centurion:  “Yes, we have been watching him.  The report says he is

dangerous.  So what is this about you letting him carry your pack a

second mile?  You’re in big trouble, soldier.

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