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Nonviolence Playlets - compiled by Walter Wink - page 24 / 29





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as a necessity for preserving “Christian civilization.” Belatedly, in

1995, senior bishops expressed remorse for not having done “more” to

expose and stop this barbarity, when in fact they had sided with the


 Act 1

Narrator:  On Saturday, April 30th, 1977, fourteen women met at the

Plaza de Mayo, at the heart of Buenos Aires, to protest the

disappearance of their sons.

Woman 1:  Are you sure this will work?

Woman 2:  Everything else has failed.  We must try it.  I for one refuse

to give up seeking to find out what has happened to my son.

Several women voice their agreement.

Woman 2:  Surely someone will notice us here at the Presidential Palace

and the Interior Ministry.  If they won’t notice us here, they won’t

notice us anywhere.   (Women draw signs from under their coats: “Where

are our sons?”  “No more Desaparacidos.”  “Free our children.”

(Women march around.)

Woman 3:  We’ve been here all morning and nobody has paid the slightest

attention to us.  This demonstration is a total failure.

Woman 2:  Can you think of anything better?

Woman 1:  I just know that if he is still alive, and my agitation on his

behalf might help get him released, and I gave up, I would never forgive


Woman 4:  Here’s an idea.  Why don’t we take our cause door to door.

Many women are too frightened to join us, but there are so many who have

lost their sons.  At least a few more might join us.

Woman 6:  Yes, let’s try it.  And that gives me another idea.  I read in

the papers that a big diplomat from the United States is coming to

Argentina.  What if we could get close to him so that he could hear our


Woman 2:  What have we got to lose?

(Women gather up signs and leave.)

Act 2

(Women come in room, bedraggled, hair messed up, signs all torn up,

slump in chairs:)

Woman 2:  Well, we got the American diplomat’s attention all right.

Here come the big bad soldiers, bayonets in place, decked in riot gear.

First they rough us up with their gun butts.  Then they actually raise

their weapons to shoot.  We all shouted “Fire!”  That got the

cameramen’s attention, and in no time flat people the world over learned

that the Argentine military was prepared to shoot women in cold blood,

women who only want to learn what has happened to our sons.

Woman 1:  At last we are getting somewhere!  We’ve got to keep the

momentum going.

Woman 3: We have grown so quickly, now we can afford to buy space for an

ad in the national newspaper, if only they’ve got the guts to run it.

Woman 2:  I know of a couple of women who have joined us in the last few

weeks who could do a terrific job setting up that ad.  Let’s go find

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