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them.  (Exit)

Act 3

(Pre-record off-stage sounds of soldiers breaking up an off-stage

demonstration, with commander ordering the women to disperse in

Spanish.  Then shots ring out.  Women flee to their gathering place.

Woman together:  How many did they hit?

Woman:  I saw Maria go down.  I’m pretty sure they killed her.

Woman 1:  And Consuela, I held her in my arms till she died.

Woman 5:  I saw Isabella just before a soldier smashed in her skull with

his rifle butt.  No way she could survive that.

Woman 4:  I was afraid it would come to this.  Three women dead.

Woman 4:  If that is what they do to women, how much worse will they

have treated our sons.

Woman 5:  If they think they can scare us off by killing us, they have

another think coming.  But it is all the more urgent that we stick

together, and find ways to expose this murderous regime.

Woman 2:  From now on, when they arrest one person, our entire group

will insist that all of us be arrested with them.

Woman 3:  Why don’t we raise some money and send representatives to the

UN and the Organization of American States?

Woman 6:  Great idea.

Woman 4:  We need some way to identify ourselves.  What about making

scarves with the names of our disappeared children on them?

Woman 5:  Is it too late to put these suggestions in our newsletter?

Woman 3:  No, it will be late coming out this month due to a huge jump

in readers.

Woman 2:  OK, let’s get to work.

Act 3

(Women come into room.)

Woman 5:  I can’t believe it.  President Carter of the United States has

read our complaints and he has not only stopped supporting Argentinean

applications for badly needed loans from the multilateral banks but also

has introduced a ban on private commercial arms sales and

government-to-government military sales and training.

Woman 4:  Three cheers for President Carter!

Woman 6:  And the Inter-American Human Rights Commission has just issued

a damning report on the human rights abuses of the regime, and they drew

on our reports!

Woman 1:  Listen to what the Oxford Research Group says:  “Its crushing

defeat in the war with the British precipitated the collapse of the

[Argentinean] regime, leading to the return of a civilian government.

It is widely acknowledged that human rights groups such as the Mothers

of the Plaza de Mayo had so seriously undermined the legitimacy of the

regime that the Generals were left with little option but to return the

country to civilian rule following the war.”

 Woman 2:  Let me see that.  (Takes report and reads):  “…One must

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