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Nonviolence Playlets - compiled by Walter Wink - page 27 / 29





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Hindu Leader 1:  Three out of the four Hindu sects in Ayodhya are with

us.  They are disgusted with the politicized methods which the VHP

employs in its anti-Muslim tactics.

Muslim Leader 2:  In the VHP’s latest rally, they attempted to enlist

support for vows to build a temple to Ram on the site of the razed

mosque in Ayodhya.  They do this deliberately in order to incite

warfare.  They know we will never stand for such sacrilege.

Abbot:  We are not without recourse.  First, we will send delegations to

Hindu spiritual leaders in the surrounding area in order to keep

outsiders from entering Ayodhya during their rally.  Then we will try to

persuade our own people to boycott the occasion.  Then, if all else

fails, we will confront our fellow Hindus with the challenge, “You kill

us first.”

Muslim Leader 3:  People are already fleeing the city on the basis of

rumors.  They are afraid of a repeat of the riots of 1992, when crazed

mobs burned down Muslim houses and killed innocent Muslims.

Abbot:  I have heard the reports of the Muslims fleeing the town because

they don’t feel safe here. Such events should embarrass people who

promise ‘the rule of God’ (Rama) in India. But what do they care? Lord

Rama is just a polling agent for the VHP. But for those of us who

understand a little bit about dharma (moral law), the very thought of

terrified women and children fleeing their homes is shameful. This

cannot be tolerated.  We must gather our allies—local intellectuals,

heads of religious establishments, and pilgrims—pledging them to

maintain peace in our temple town. Three days before the so-called

“devotees of Ram” are to march on Ayodhya, we will go to the Muslim

quarters of the city with friends and followers.  By the time this group

of saffron-clad holy men fan out in the busy neighborhoods, we should

have well over 1,000 supporters deployed. We will make it a point to

visit first of all Mohammad Hashim, the oldest Muslim claimant to the

disputed land in Ayodhya.  We will go to each house, assuring everyone

that they will not come to any harm.  It will not be a political stunt.

I genuinely want the people of Ayodhya to feel safe. The VHP is an

embarrassment for the Hindus. I want to send out a signal. I want the

VHP to know Ayodhya would not tolerate them this time.

(All parties exit.  After a pause, same group returns to stage.)

Hindu Leader 1:  I have never in my life seen such a heartfelt welcome

as I did from the Muslim families whose homes we visited.  They stood

outside with garlands in their hands and tears in their eyes. I don't

know how anyone can think of harming these innocents.

Abbot:  The VHP must to be stopped, now. It is spreading poison in the

country.  We must get the message out everywhere that “Nobody should

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