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Mother:  John, you know we’ve never had toy weapons in our home.

John:  But it has all these great moveable parts.  Can I keep it?

Dennis:  John, you were just six months old when we took you with us to

the Philippines, where we were invited to lead some retreats.  But our

real interest in going there was to show you the street in the main

city, Manila, where the whole country had come together to throw out the

crooked ruler without guns or tanks or airplanes.  We call that “People

Power.”  The crooked ruler sent his army to kill the people, but when

the people stood in front of the tanks and handed the soldiers food and

flowers, the soldiers refused to fight, and climbed out of their tanks

and hugged the people.

John:  I bet those people were glad to get rid of that evil ruler.

Dennis:  You bet they were.  So your mother and I have come up with a

plan for the tank you brought home from McDonald’s.  We will put it

away, but on the 6th day of every month, which was the day that

Filippinos drove him out of their country, we will get your tank out and

act out the scene where the soldiers refused to fight.

John:  Can I be the one that tells each of us what our role will be?

Then, could we celebrate with a special meal for dinner that night?

Sheila:  Of course we can.

 John:  I think I’m going to like this idea.

(Some of these are incomplete pending editing by the original teller.)

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