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jail.  Make a jail.)  Once they are in jail, a whole new bunch of Santas

appear at the jail insisting that the others were frauds, that they were

the real Santas.  [This one may be difficult due to the need of lots of

Santa outfits.  Borrow some from the Salvation Army?]

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Chinese Students.  Setting:  Chinese students, forbidden to demonstrate

against government policy, donned masks of the Communist leadership and

carried signs reading: “Support Martial Law,” “Support Dictatorship,”

“Support Inflation.”  “Encourage Hunger.”  Narrator: This could easily

be adapted to our country: “Be compassionate to the rich.”  “Enron,

Screw your employees.”  “Isn’t greed great?”  “Dominate other

countries.”  “Exploit the poor.”  (Put these American signs on the back

side of the Chinese ones.  Must be large poster board and lettering.)

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Philadelphia Woman.  Setting:  A Philadelphia woman is walking home

after dark in a poor neighborhood, carrying two bags of groceries.

[Woman enters stage left.]  She becomes aware that someone was coming up

behind her.  [Man enters, stage left.]  Just as the footsteps reach her,

she spins around and shoved the bags into the young man’s arms:  “Thank

goodness you’ve come!  I couldn’t have carried these groceries a moment

longer.”  The man carried her bags to her house:  “Right, here’s my

house, I’ll take those groceries now.  Thanks so much.”  The man hands

them back, tips his hat, and disappears.  [Dorothy Samuel, Safe Passage

on City Streets (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1975).]

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Saskatchewan Nurses.  Setting:  Nurses in a hospital in Saskatchewan

were fed up with the arrogant treatment they were receiving from the

doctors.  So with the agreement of the administration, they set up a

“pink alert.”  The next time a doctor was browbeating a nurse in public,

the pink alert went out over the hospital intercom, and every nurse not

immediately occupied converged on the scene of the action.  (Nurses come

running.)  Holding hands, they surround the doctor without a word.  At

first he just smirks at them.  Then he tries to break out of their

circle.  It becomes a game.  He picks the smallest nurse and plunges at

her (actors enact whole scene).  But the circle makes no attempt to stop

him.  It simply gives with his charge.  He tries over and over to break

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