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out, but their amoebae-like circle just give with his every move.

Finally, dejected and embarrassed, he gives up.  (Doctor says “I give

up.”)  Nothing like this had ever happened before.  Behavior like his

quickly ceased in that Saskatchewan hospital in Canada.

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Boy with Nose.  Setting:  Narrator:  “A bully was terrorizing a school

bus. (Arrange chairs to simulate a school bus.) On that bus was a boy

who was the slightest kid on the bus, who had chronic sinusitis.  His

nose, in short, ran all the time.  One day this kid had had enough.  He

blew a handful of snot and walked up to the bully with his right hand

extended.  ‘I want to shake the hand of a real bully,’ he said,

advancing.  The bully stepped back, and back, to a seat in the very back

of the bus.  He never bothered anyone of that bus again, because that

nose was always at the ready.”

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Old Geezer.  Setting:  (Need 5-6 boys and girls, an “old geezer”, enough

one dollar bills, half dollars, quarters, pennies, to go around, and a

rocking chair.)

Narrator:  An old man lived next to a school.  Every day, when school

was out, boys would pass by the porch where the old man was sitting and

curse him every way they knew how.  One day the old geezer calls them

over and says to them,

Geezer:  “Tell ya what.  Tomorrow, when you come by, I’ll give you a

dollar each if you’ll cuss me out real well.”  That was too good a deal

to pass up, so they agreed.  Next day they came back and cussed him

royally [Be really creative in your epithets, like “May there be

tarantulas in your shoes every morning.”  Perhaps only have 3 curse him

each time].  “That’s fine, a dollar for you, a dollar for you [pays them

all].  “Now, tomorrow I’ll give you fifty cents each to cuss me out.”

“Sure,” they agreed.  Sure enough, the next day they cuss him out even

more eloquently.  [Cleverer cussing by 3]).    “Here’s fifty cents for

each of you.  Now, tomorrow if you’ll cuss me out I’ll give you each a

quarter.”  They agree, but they begin to be puzzled.  Next day they cuss

him out royally [3 more cuss him; may need some to repeat], he pays them

each a quarter, and then he says, “Tomorrow, boys, I’ll give you each a

penny to cuss me out.”  “No way, that’s not worth it,” they complained,

walking away, and refused to cuss him out any longer.

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Maggie Harris.  Setting:  Narrator:  “Maggie Harris went for her daily

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