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Nonviolence Playlets - compiled by Walter Wink - page 6 / 29





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run on a Friday evening. It got dark sooner than she expected. She was

on a path near the railroad tracks, and suddenly faced a wild-eyed man

who grabbed her forcibly by the arm.

“Just then a small man leading a dog came along. The assailant knew she

would call for help, and she then feared for the small man. She took her

assailant by the arm and out of earshot of the small man.

Her assailant pulled back: "What are you doing?"

Maggie:  “I can see by your eyes that you have experienced a lot of

pain.  You don’t need to get hurt any further.  Hurting me certainly

won’t do anything but add to your pain.  Why don’t you tell me about

that pain.”

Narrator:  “They sat down and talked.

Assailant:  “I was an executioner in Vietnam -- the one who shot

everyone in the village after they were lined up by other Marines.  I

ended up in a POW camp for 19 months.”

Narrator:   After they talked for 1 1/2 hours:  “I would like you to

walk me to my home.”  [She remains on stage while he exits.  The next

day she got a small bouquet of flowers from him with a card.  She reads

it:  "Thank you for being my friend.”  She exits.

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Humming.  Setting:  Somewhere in the Eastern Bloc of Communist nations,

where it was dangerous to intimate in any way resistance to the regime.

Suddenly someone on the bus or train would begin softly humming a song

of national liberation.  Gradually the tune became louder and louder.

The police had no idea where it was coming from or whom to arrest.

[Chairs as in a bus. Hum “Down by the Riverside,” police leaning real

close trying to hear who’s doing it as they go up and down the aisle.]

Police going up and down aisle, trying to find who is behind the

humming. Whenever the police would get near one of the hummers, she

would stop humming, resuming it when the police moved on.)

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Cantor and Mrs. Weisser.  Setting:  June 1991.  Equipment: wheelchair

for Trapp, 3 phones for Weisser, police, Trapp.  Identify areas for 1)

the Weisser home, 2) the police office, 3) Trapp’s apartment, 4)

Weisser’s living room, wheelchair in front of bed.  A Cantor is a Jewish

synagogue official who chants liturgical music and leads in

congregational prayer.

Narrator:  Cantor Michael Weisser and his wife, Julie, are unpacking

boxes in their new home when the phone rings.  (She goes and picks up

phone.)  A voice (Trapp) says, “You’ll be sorry you ever moved into 5810

Randolph St., Jew boy."

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