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Narrator:  With that he hung up.  Two days later, the Weissers found a

packet flung onto their front porch [someone throws a packet from

offstage].  Mrs. Weisser reads:  "The KKK is watching you, Scum."

Mr. Weisser:  “What is it.”

Mrs. Weisser:  “Pictures of Adolf Hitler, caricatures of Jews with

hooked noses, blacks with gorilla heads, and graphic depictions of dead

blacks and Jews.  And a note that says,  ‘The Holohoax was nothing

compared to what's going to happen to you.’"

Mr Weisser:  “That does it.  I’m calling the police.”  (Mr. Weisser

calls police.  At a table across stage, a police inspector answers the

call:   “Hello, I’m Cantor Weisser from the synagogue, moved here just

last week.  We’ve been getting threatening calls and packages ever since

arriving.  Any clues?”

Police, reading profile:  “It looks like the work of Larry Trapp, state

leader, or grand dragon, of the Ku Klux Klan.  He’s a Nazi sympathizer.

He leads a cadre of skinheads and klansmen responsible for terrorizing

black, Asian and Jewish families in Nebraska and nearby Iowa.  He's

dangerous.  We know he makes explosives.  He’s 44, confined to a

wheelchair because of late-stage diabetes.  They’re pretty sure he’s

behind the firebombing of  several African-Americans' homes around

Lincoln.  He’s also probably responsible for what he called ‘Operation

Gooks,’ the March 1991 burning of the Indochinese Refugee Assistance

Center in Omaha.   And now we think Trapp is planning to blow up your

synagogue.  Trapp lives alone in a drab efficiency apartment.  On one

wall, he keeps a giant Nazi flag and a double life-sized picture of

Hitler.  Next to these he hangs his white Klan robe, with its red belt

and hood.  He keeps assault rifles, pistols and shotguns within instant

reach for the moment when his enemies might come crashing through his

door to kill him.  In the rear there’s a secret bunker he's built for

the coming ‘race wars.’”

Narrator:  Shortly thereafter, Trapp launched a white supremacist TV

series on a local-access cable channel--featuring men and women saluting

a burning swastika and firing automatic weapons.

Weisser:  “That really burns me up.  I’m going to call him right now.”

[Reaches for phone.”]  “It’s just his answering machine, but I’m going

to call him on it nevertheless.

Weisser: "Larry, do you know that the very first laws that Hitler's

Nazis passed were against people like yourself who had no legs or who

had physical deformities or physical handicaps?  Do you realize you

would have been among the first to die under Hitler?  Why do you love

the Nazis so much?"  Then he hung up.

Narrator:  Weisser continued the calls to the machine.  Then one day

Trapp picked up his phone.

Trapp: "What the f___ do you want?" (shouting into the phone).

Weisser:  "I just want to talk to you."

Trapp:  "Stop harassing me.  Why do you keep calling me?”

Weisser, remembering a suggestion of his wife's:  "Well, I was thinking

you might need a hand with something, and I wondered if I could help.  I

know you're in a wheelchair and I thought maybe I could take you to the

grocery store or something."

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