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Nonviolence Playlets - compiled by Walter Wink - page 9 / 29





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away.  The police descend on the spot, looking for demonstrators,

angrily shaking their heads and walking arrogantly off stage saying, “We

will catch them next time,” and exit stage.  [Need 12 foot sheet of

butcher paper with large lettering, or several pieces of poster board

reading: “Torture Happens Here.”]

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Pots and Pans in Chile.  Setting:  Narrator:  “Chileans had suffered

through the dictatorship of General Pinochet for years, with family and

friends frequently disappearing to be tortured or even killed, as we

mentioned previously.  Finally members of the opposition started a

whispering campaign, telling people to pass the word around: ‘At 8

o’clock on Saturday night, people are going to bang their pots, honk

their horns, and blow on whistles, to indicate dissatisfaction with the

Pinochet regime.’  (Pot bangers who have previously been moving

throughout the audience whispering “bang pots at 8” watch for signal

from leader, then at 8, all spring to feet and start banging.  The rest

of the audience are urged to clap, stomp feet, bang books on chairs,

whatever they can find.)  People are hesitant at first, for fear that

they will be the only ones doing it.  But as the banging became louder,

and louder, and louder still, they begin to pour out their anger and

despair and resistance.  (At some point the leader signals “Stop.”)

Narrator:  “People had no idea that the dissatisfaction ran so deep.

That moment was the beginning of the end for Pinochet’s dictatorship.

In only a matter of months, the Pinochet regime was voted out of


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Wife Batterers.  Setting:   [Make some kind of slum houses out of

cardboard.]  “In Peruvian barrios, where the homes are crowded tightly

together and their walls provide little by way of privacy, the women

have found a brilliant way to counter the ages long practice of male

violence toward wives.”

Drunk husband comes lurching into house, shouts at wife:  “Bring my

supper now!”

Woman:  “You missed dinner when you were at the bar.  But I will put

something together.”

Husband:  “I said I want it NOW!  [He starts slapping her around.]

Neighboring women begin banging on pots.

Husband covers his ears and runs out of house.

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