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Ex450 Specifications

powERTRAiN gross hP PtO hP (hyd) rated rPm Bore and stroke total displacement Ignition type air cleaner Lubrication cooling system Number of cylinders

45 hP* diesel 37.5 at 2,700 rPm 2,700 rPm 88 x 90 mm 133.6 cu. in. direct injection dual dry Full pressure Liquid cooled 4

cApAciTiES Fuel tank cooling system Engine oil transmission case Front axle

11.3 gal. 4.7 qt. 5.6 qt. 7 gal. 2 gal.

DRiVETRAiN transmission type clutch rear differential lock 2wd/4wd engagement Final drive Brake Number of ranges PtO type rear PtO/rPm mid PtO/rPm

9F x 9r synchronized shuttle dual stage dry Foot pedal operation selectable Planetary gear wet disc 3 continuous live 547/2,700 N/a

HyDRAUlicS type Pump maximum pump capacity Pump capacity (main) Pump capacity (steering) 3-point hitch control system 3-point lift capacity at 24" behind Loader control valve Power steering

Open center gear 12.7 gPm at 2,700 rPm 8.2 gPm at 2,700 rPm 4.5 gPm at 2,700 rPm category 1 Position control 2,464 lbs. Optional Fully hydraulic

DimENSioNS wheelbase width

72" 71.89"

Overall length w/o 3-pt hitch


ground clearance weight w/rOPs

13.7" 3,499 lbs.

TiRE SizE Front industrial rear industrial Front agricultural rear agricultural Front turf rear turf Front galaxy® turf rear galaxy® turf

10" – 16.5" 17.5" – 24" 8" – 16" 14.9" – 24" 27" x 10.5" – 15" 44" x 18" – 20" 27" x 12" – 15" 44" x 16.1" – 22.5"


tractor Engine/drivetrain

2-year or 2,000-hour limited warranty 5-year or 2,500-hour limited warranty


compAcT UTiliTy TRAcToR

Ex450 Attachment Specifications

cl400 loADER maximum lift height (to bucket pivot pin) maximum lift height at bottom of bucket reach with attachment on ground Overall height in carry position Length of attachment dump clearance dump reach at maximum lift height maximum dump angle Bucket rollback angle digging depth at bucket level Bucket width Lift capacity at bucket pins maximum lift 500 mm forward of the pivot pins Lift capacity to 59" at pivot pins Lift capacity 59" at 500 mm forward of the pivot pins Lift capacity (bucket center) Breakout force 500 mm forward of the pivot pins Breakout force at bucket pins raising time to full height w/o load Lowering time w/o load (power down) Bucket dumping time Bucket rollback time rated flow relief valve Bucket capacity Bucket weight Loader weight w/o bucket Loader valve grille guard

    • 104.3


    • 96.5


    • 55.7


    • 55.9


    • 23.5


    • 82.7


    • 20.2


40° 30° 5.9" 72" 1,692 lbs. 1,225 lbs. 1,971 lbs. 1,551 lbs. 1,375 lbs. 2,042 lbs. 2,728 lbs. 3.3 sec. 2.0 sec. 1.5 sec. 2.0 sec. 8.45 gPm 2,427 PsI 10.9 cu. ft. 255 lbs. 680 lbs. Optional standard

cB85 BAcKHoE maximum digging depth digging depth (2' flat bottom) swing arc Loading height (bucket at 60°) reach from centerline of swing pivot transport height (maximum) Bucket rotation Loading reach (bucket at 60°) transport overhang Undercut stabilizer spread — up position stabilizer spread down position Bucket cylinder digging force dipperstick cylinder digging force weight (less bucket) Operating pressure ramp angle (with industrial tires) street pads Bucket options

103" 102" 180° 87" 142" 91" 180° 46" 54" 22" 54" 99" 3,730 lbs. 2,435 lbs. 1,350 lbs. 2,550 PsI 18° standard Various 14" – 36"



1-year limited warranty

*as rated by engine manufacturer †See your local Cub Cadet Yanmar Independent Dealer for warranty details.

Additional attachments are available. Please ask your dealer or visit cubcadetyanmar.com for more information.

Important: Front loader is required to maximize backhoe capabilities. When using the CB85 backhoe, the stabilizers and front loader bucket must be lowered until all weight is removed from the tractor tires. For transport, it is recommended that at least 25% of the total tractor weight remains on the front axle of the tractor. Installing the Cub Cadet Yanmar Model CL400 loader will meet this weight-distribution requirement.

This brochure is for advertisement purposes only. The product depictions are not meant to be used or relied upon as a substitute for the safety and use information that is published in the respective operator’s manual. Before operating the machine, read, understand and follow all instructions in the manual and on the machine. Specifications and programs are subject to change without notice. Images may not reflect dealer inventory and/or unit specifications.

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