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The Wren Group recommended an enterprise-wide performance management program that would improve CSG’s service delivery, productivity, employee morale, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the bottom-line. The program was designed to take place over a three to four year period to provide for efficient and effective management of improvements to key processes, and ensured minimal disruption to the day-to-day hockey operations. Most importantly, this approach would allow CSG the time to truly incorporate each of the improvements into their business operations allowing them to become fully self-sufficient and self managing.

As part of this performance improvement program, the Capital Sports Group embarked on a Progressive Excellence Program (PEP)1 to look at six main drivers within the organization. The main drivers of the PEP are Leadership, Planning, Customer Focus, Supplier Focus, People (employee) Focus and Process Management. This was done through the National Quality Institute to allow for a third party assessment and recognition of their journey to Excellence

Ron Higgins, Principal, The Wren Group --- The first order of business was to assess the in- place management systems that are the foundation of truly successful businesses: leadership & planning, process management, customer focus, employee focus, supplier focus and quality. This included a review of key processes such as the strategic planning, internal communications, as well as the development of benchmarks for important business metrics such as employee morale, financial, operational, stakeholder and customer satisfaction/retention.

Like most professional sports businesses, CSG has a number of departments that directly interface with their customers and/or affect the quality of their experience. The key departments include sales, marketing, food and beverage, accounting, IT, facilities management and procurement. It was important to gain a clear understanding of the accountabilities and objectives of each department, as well as how they worked together to achieve the overall goals of the CSG.

Cyril Leeder, Chief Operating Officer, CSG --- The findings from the Wren Group’s initial assessment were not a big surprise. It was the compilation of the results into a comprehensive improvement program that provided an opportunity to positively affect the fan experience and ultimately, our bottom-line, which was the real eye-opener. Each finding had a proposed solution that would provide a significant return on investment. The management team was now even more motivated to move forward with this program as expeditiously as possible.

IMPLEMENTATION Year 1 --- Leadership & Planning, Customer Focus and Quality Systems Leadership & Planning

Ron Higgins, Principal, The Wren Group --- In highly effective organizations, leaders need to implement strategic plans and align the organization to meet their strategic objectives. By implementing and effectively communicating the strategic plan, the leaders define the areas of accountability within the organization and measure the effectiveness of the organizational objectives to ensure business continuity and continual improvement.

The first step was the implementation of an annual strategic planning process. The process included a specific schedule for each activity within the planning process and defined the senior managers, mid-managers and key employees who would be participating in the strategic


PEP is a National Quality Institute run program

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