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planning process. Part of this activity included the development of benchmarks for people morale, customer satisfaction and retention, sales, revenues, profits and process efficiency. These benchmarks would provide the basis to gauge improvement while progressing along the journey to excellence.

Cyril Leeder, Chief Operating Officer, CSG --- Once the corporate strategic plan was in place, we communicated the plan throughout the organization to ensure effective implementation of the key strategic objectives. Each department developed their own departmental objectives and scorecards that aligned with the applicable strategic goals.

Our new annual planning process now includes a review of the corporate and departmental scorecard on a monthly basis. This ensures an on-going commitment and focus on the strategic objectives, and provides an opportunity to adjust our objectives as the internal and external environment changes. By implementing planning in this manner, we were able to provide direction, identify key strategic objectives, align the organization to these objectives and implement a review of objectives to ensure ongoing communication between departments.

As a result, we developed the following strategic direction for CSG and the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club:

Mission We are world class hockey and entertainment. Vision

  • 1.

    Return the Stanley Cup to Ottawa

  • 2.

    Be the best organization in sports and entertainment

  • 3.

    Create fans for life

Commitment to Community and Fans

  • Manage the team and franchise in a responsible manner

  • Ice the best team we can, year in and year out

  • Provide exceptional service and be responsive to our fans and patrons

  • Be active in the community; do what we can as an organization and as individuals to

make Ottawa a better place to live Commitment to Business Excellence

  • Focused on continuous improvement

  • Align business goals with that of winning the Stanley Cup

  • Strive to achieve our Vision

Customer Focus

Ron Higgins, Principal, The Wren Group --- The organization exists for customers, and as such, CSG needed to ensure that customer requirements were understood and included in the strategic planning process. Once the requirements were understood, key service and delivery processes needed to be documented and implemented to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To begin with CSG focussed on their customer groups --- their hockey fans, event customers, conference and meeting clients and corporate sponsors. Being committed to exceptional service is only one aspect in achieving the vision of creating fans for life. In order to actually be responsive and deliver exceptional service, it is critical to have a clear understanding of what each customer group’s needs and expectations are as well as their on-going satisfaction level for the delivery of those needs.

One of the best ways to ensure a clear understanding of customer requirements is to have their input included in the business planning process. Therefore, an organization should closely

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