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manage customer needs on an on-going basis, and have processes in place to allow for regular customer input and to address any issues promptly and professionally.

Cyril Leeder, Chief Operating Officer, CSG --- We started by holding a number of customer focus groups to gain a clear understanding from our fans’ perspective on their interfaces with the various service delivery components (e.g., ticket sales, parking, souvenir concessions, food and beverage, etc.). The fan feedback was reviewed with each of our CSG’s functional departments and a cross functional team of managers developed service delivery improvement plans. Applicable service delivery processes were modified and improved processes developed across the organization.

We developed a customer satisfaction index during the initial set of focus groups to be used as a benchmark for measuring future customer satisfaction indicators. We continue to use a variety of approaches to monitor customer satisfaction levels including, focus group, on site pda-based surveys as well as post event web-based surveys.


Ron Higgins, Principal, The Wren Group --- Like any sports team, for a business to perform at the top of its game, quality needs to be imbedded throughout the organization. The organization’s departments need a process for continual improvement to ensure a high level of product and service quality. Adequate records need to be maintained to provide the opportunity to analyze history and trend data. One of the best ways to manage this is to implement an effective document and record management system to ensure the entire organization is working with current procedures, forms and other pertinent documents.

Cyril Leeder, Chief Operating Officer, CSG --- During this phase, the Wren Group provided CSG with on the job “quality system” training to our cross functional team members. The objective was to allow the knowledge from the Wren Group to be transferred to the CSG organization so that we would be self sufficient in our on-going efforts to attain higher levels of excellence.

Our quality manifests itself in our responsiveness to our fans and in turn, our renewal rate with our customers. Our renewal rates, since implementing our performance management enhancement program with the Wren Group, have never been higher. As well, the organization has now developed a systematic focus on continuous improvement in the quality of our work and the service we provide our customers.

Year 2 --- Human Resources, Process Management, Supplier Management and Community Focus

Human Resources

Ron Higgins, Principal, The Wren Group --- Employees are one of the most important resources an organization has. To ensure continuity and to reduce costs, an organization needs to recruit and train employees to ensure the employees have the expertise to meet the organizations requirements. The organization needs to communicate with its employees to ensure they have input into the planning process, are satisfied with their jobs and remain loyal to the organization for the long term.

Cyril Leeder, Chief Operating Officer, CSG --- We refer to our Human Resources (HR) department as the “People” department. We have a good recruiting program and recruit the best possible candidates for our workforce. A high level of training is performed on an annual basis

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