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September 2006

Alma Matters

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Success in 2006! Class Project Update

As the 2006 Dartmouth year draws to a close, we are pleased to report that the Class of ‘99 has stepped up to the plate to raise over $3000 to sponsor a Tucker Foun- dation Fellow. Making this possible are the 182 class members who paid dues and made additional contribu-

while creating memorials of a useful and significant na- ture. Memorial Books are selected by the Acquisitions Department of the Library and carry a special name- plate bearing the name of the classmate being honored.

While the Library selects the memorial book

tions to this year’s

for each honoree, the

Class Project.

This fall, the Class of ‘99- sponsored Fellow will begin 10 weeks of full time service learning in partner- ship with a commu- nity organization. Dr. Stuart C.

“ our generous donation of $3,000 to the Tucker Foundation to sponsor a Tucker Fellow is very much appreciated. Thank you for helping us to sustain and improve our programs.

“ our continued support is essential in maintaining our programs. It is through your help that the Tucker Foundation can challenge students to explore places in their heart spirit and mind that will help them act as ethi- cal leaders and responsible citizens in the global community. Thank you for helping the Tucker Foundation accomplish its mission of cultivating the will to serve in the hearts and minds of Dartmouth Students.”

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    Dr. Stuart C. Lord

Class will commu- nicate information about the Memorial with the spouse or some other mem- ber of the deceased’s family. When family members, classmates and friends visit Ha- nover, they are wel-

Lord, Rice

the Virginia



come to view the Memorial Books at

Dean of the Tucker Foundation and Associate Provost, commended the Class of ‘99 in a recent letter addressed to all Class members.

Thank you for your generosit , on behalf of the Class Project Committee and the Class Executive Committee. We look forward to updating you in the coming months about our Fellow’s progress and to your continued support in 2007.

the College Library.

In 2006, we will commemorate the lives of Lynn S. Proctor ‘99 (d. 10/30/1999), Juan P. Cisneros ‘99 (d. 09/11/01) and Phatiwe S. Cohen ‘99 (d. 05/12/05). Por- tions of future Class Project contributions will support this worthy program that helps us and others to remem- ber our departed classmates in a manner that is so fitting for a Dartmouth Alum.

This year the Class of 1999 will join more than 60 Dartmouth Classes as a participant in the Alumni Memorial Books Program. Initially conceived by the Class of 1914, the program will allow the Class of ‘99 to tangi- bly keep alive the memories of our departed classmates,

Questions, suggestions and other feedback about the Class of ‘99 Tucker Fellowship, ‘99 Alumni Memorial Books Program or the Class Project Com- mittee may be directed to Dave Dookeeram at dave. dookeeram.99@alum.dartmouth.org.

B e h i n d E n e m y L i n e s A n o n y m o u s 9 9 ( t o p r o t e c t t h e w r i t e r s i d e n t i t y )

Sometimes I look around myself and think, “How did this happen?” I’m a Dartmouth girl at heart. I love trees and watching the sunset from Mt. Cardigan and walking across the Green on a quiet winter night. I re- member the words to the alma mater, and I am proud to admit that I still own about fifteen Dartmouth T-shirts.

Yet, here I am living in New Haven, CT. And working for Yale University. I’m a Yalie. Or at least ev- eryone thinks I am. I walk through the campus with a dirty little secret: I used to hate this school.

life on the Connecticut coast. The weather is certainly more temperate than New Hampshire, and there are lots of intelligent people living here. It is convenient to be lo- cated half way between Boston and New York Cit , and I can still go hiking in mountains only a couple miles away.

And so I find myself internally conflicted. Here I am, surrounded by Yalies, technically one of them. I’ve started to feel a small measure of pride when Yale’s name appears in the news. I haven’t made it back to Hanover in years. Maybe I should just accept my new allegiance. But then someone asks me where I did my undergraduate studies, and a huge swell of pride blossoms inside me and I brag, “I went to Dartmouth”.

I remember how I used to cheer against Yale at sporting events. I made fun of the poor suckers who had to actually lock their dorm room doors. But now I re- ally like living in New Haven. Oka , so my car was stolen twice last summer (not joking), but there’s a lot to say for

I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know New Haven and its famous university. A lot of my prejudices have been disproved, and I don’t think I’ll ever root against their sports teams like I did in the past. But I still haven’t bought a Yale T-shirt.

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