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Facial exercises and ―Out Of The Kitchen― facial packs /peels-- AND extraordinary foods that will keep you younger, thinner and healthier looking. By Michael Van Ditto

At one time, during my exhilarating life, I decided to give the salon business a go.(1977) So, with little ado, I built Salon Cardeau (Car-doe). Which turned out to be a sprawling, three thousand square foot salon with a solid white oak floor. At the time, one of the largest and ONLY full-service Salon in Seattle. With a staff of 25 employees. We were located downtown, across from Nordstrom, on Fifth Ave.

I decided that it had to be different esthetically--and provide unbelievable service greater than any other beauty salon in the country. Being a health nut, a runner, a hiker and ski instructor, I decided to turn Salon Cardeau into a non-smoking salon. Shortly there after, I made the announcement to my clients. I suggested to them, that in my heart, ―TRUE BEAUTY‖ and youthfulness could only be attained through better health. Well low and behold, the vast majority agreed! As it turned out, it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. I didn’t realize it at the time, but we were making history! I decided I wanted to tell the world about this new revolution. As far as I knew. completely unheard of at the time--that I was aware of anyway.

After reading a few books I created my first press release, including a ―Fashion‖ photograph, and mailed it to every news paper, TV Producer, etc., I could find. From that day on we were blessed with amazing results! The phone started ringing off the hook!

Soon I began organizing, ―Beauty and Health‖ lectures through out Seattle and in my Salon. Over time we were told that our attention and innovative ideas concerning our clients was unprecedented! In our second year of business we were lucky enough to receive our first mention in Vogue Magazine. Over the next fourteen years, we received a dozen more recognition’s in Vogue, Glamour, National (New York Times) and Locale Newspapers, World Trade Magazines, and many appearances on TV talk shows. We even caught the attention of celebrities, who had been hearing and reading about us.

However, in 1991 a ―Spiritual Voice‖ entered my life, which beckoned me to give up my business for something greater. It was difficult at first to walk away, but I did just that. Another wonderful decision! Than I began to realize that I had accumulated, among other things, over twenty-five years of knowledge in the ―Beauty and Health‖ business. What it boiled down to was this: It dawned on me that all of us could stay more youthful, energetic and healthier than we thought possible, if we knew how!

To begin with, I believe numbers (age) mean very little. Here’s why. I am now 63 years younger. I say younger, because I seldom feel older. I attribute that to my ―State of Mind‖ and attitude. I WANT TO STAY YOUNG! Whenever I’m asked to reveal my age, I politely ask people to guess. Their reply is usually upper 40’s. WOW! In today’s ―Youth‖ market, is that a PLUS or what? Look, I can truly tell you from experience, that women and men have a greater chance of getting there FIRST and maintaining that unstoppable momentum, if they presented the right image and attitude. Acting the part is the key--if you will?

Not long ago I asked a Barista if the management offered a senior discount. I mentioned to her that I was 63. She looked at me with a very doubtful expression. Than, in a charming and curious way she asked to see my ID. I happily showed her. Needless to say, she was very surprised. That always makes my day, and I paid only $1.25 for the coffee instead of $1.42. YES!

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