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While attending a movie not long ago, I announced that I was a senior. I was blatantly asked to produce my ID. When it was handed back to me the lady said, ―Sorry, but you have to be 65‖. Well, I wasn’t about to let that stop me! Now I wear what I call, ―Grumpy Gramp‖ glasses. By golly it works every time. Subtle changes do make a big difference! Imagine being older but looking many years younger? MAN!

On occasion whenever I run into people that I haven’t seen for sometime--they exclaim, ―Michael, don’t you ever age?‖ ―What are you doing?‖ Of course I’m obliged to tell them. Recently I told some people that my Grand Daughter started her freshmen year in college. They’re comment was, keep up the good work. And I shall. Well, I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. None of this has come without some effort, however. I owe my success over the years of research, experimentation and discipline.

For several years I instructed at Barbizon and John Robert Powers. (Charm/Modeling Agency, Schools). It was a great privilege working with young people. Early on I also realized through them and others, that accelerated aging, in many cases CAN actually be arrested!

So, there it is in a ―Nut Shell‖. I hope, as thousands of my clients and myself are now experiencing, you too will find value in what you are about to learn. You too can enhance ―All‖ of your lively senses. Let’s

  • Face‖ it, looking 10 to 15 years younger and possible more is a cool thing. The rewards are beyond your

imagination! I know!

So, here we go! Your first lesson is to make this your motto:

  • Beauty and Health Through Energy Conscious Living and The Awareness Your Body, Mind and Spirit

are Renewable Resources” re. ____________________________________________

The following exercises will prevent facial muscles and facial skin from early sagging. And hopefully, prevent you from ever having to resort to short-lived botox, and/or collagen shots and expensive peels, or over priced cosmetic surgery. (Which can be a disaster) I also need to warn you of the dangers of having your hormone levels increased artificial. It is too risky!

According to the National Institute of Aging and Bioerontologist, this quick fix method can cause liver damage and other unwelcome malady’s.

1. EYELID MUSCLE EXERCISE: Without squinting, close your eyes and pretend you’re trying to press them together. You will feel the pressure against your eyes, which is also good for the eyes. Not hard at first. You might pull a muscle and it hurts. Hold pressure for 5 second then rest for 3 seconds, which ever feels most comfortable. Do that for 5 reps. Later you can ad more reps and more pressure.


  • 2.

    MOUTH EXERCISE: With a slight smile (do not purse your lips) squeeze your mouth together.

  • 3.

    NECK EXERCISE: Carefully flex your neck muscles. You can also do your mouth exercise at the

same time. Be careful. Don’t hurt yourself.

4. EAR FLEXING EXERCISE: If you can’t, teach yourself how to wiggle your ears. Practice for a while. After you learn, flex your ears and hold. If you succeed, you’ll notice that your eyebrows will tend to rise. Try and prevent it, you’ll only be adding new wrinkles to your forehead. If that doesn’t work, close your eyes without squinting. Your neck and jaw muscles will tighten also. That’s OK.

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