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5. HAND MANIPULATIONS FOR LIFTING FACIAL SKIN:First, place your thumbs at the inside edge of your ears, closest to your cheek bones. Place your fingers across your forehead until your little fingers are at the edges of you furrow between your eyes. Keep pressure against your face, then push your hands, thumbs and fingers upwards and out-words. Do this without adding wrinkles to your crows feet if you can. Use a mirror so you can see what you’re doing. Do this as much as you like? When I’m on the potty I rest my elbows on my legs and do this exercise.

6. PREVENT EARLY WRINKLING WHILE: SHOWERING, BRUSHING TEETH, IN THE SUN, YAWNING, BLOWING NOSE, ETC. Be aware of how much you wrinkle your face while you’re involved in these activities. Also, try and learn how to talk, read, etc. without deepening your furrow. Always keep a relaxed ―Dreamy‖ look on your face. It attracts positive attention! Don’t frown or scrunch your face. It looks like it hurts and it’s unattractive.

7. OUT OF THE KITCHEN FACIAL PACKS/PEELS: What you’re about to learn will seem very unorthodox. But, through out the years I have discovered that, ―Out Of The Kitchen‖ products do the job as well, if not better than expensive commercial products.

a. Here is one of the methods that I prefer, instead. First I squeeze oil from an orange peel into a bowl, add a little olive oil, or coconut oil or aloe-vera. I alternate the oil(s). You can select what oil(s) you feel work the best for your skin. I like coconut the best. I’ve also read that it has many healing qualities and has NO bad cholesterol. Which, as it turns out, has only been negative propaganda produced by American oil companies to hurt the sale of it in the U.S. There are books available about the great benefits of eating and cooking with it. It is the only oil I know that doesn’t become rancid when it is heated. Making it non carcinogenic.

If you apply orange peel oil to your skin and it stings too much--you’ve squeezed too much from the peel. What is stinging your face is the acid in the orange peel. The good news is: The acid is erasing and smoothing wrinkles. The olive oil, etc., will also help enhance your skin and protect it during your treatment.

b. ALGAE pack: I use [NON-TOXIC] ALGAE that is harvested from KLAMATH LAKE in Oregon. To read more about it you can click on this web-site: www.purestfoods.com then click on products - then click on category. Why do I use Algae? Because, it contains every vitamin, mineral, and every trace elements known to science, and much, much more. It is effective because it penetrates into the cells of the skin. I also eat it. Don’t worry it comes in capsule form so you can’t taste it.

Why do I eat it you ask? Because it helps prevent sickness! Yearly colds that once plagued me have totally disappeared. My eyesight has improved and also my memory, just to name a few! I’m not kidding you. Why is this food so important? Because, constant illness(s) will accelerate aging. We will discuss this more in the DIET section.

Now, to treat your face with Algae (That is, if you have ordered some through my web-site) than take two small capsules, pour the contents into a bowl, add what oil(s) you prefer. Than add a few drops of water, mix and apply to your skin. Leave on for at least a half-hour. After it dries, smooth your face with your fingers. That will eliminate the tight feeling.

c. Honey pack. It’s great! Cleopatra used it. (By the way, I should mention to you to also apply all of these treatments to your neck as well) Leave on for a half hour then rinse. The enzyme in the honey is one of the keys to smoothing and nourishing your skin. It will feel weird at first. But it works! See for yourself.

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