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d. Apple cider vinegar treatment. Pour a quarter tee spoon into a bowl. Choose your favorite oil(s), mix and apply for 30 minutes. Gently wipe your face with a wet, warmed wash clothe. If the vinegar burns your skin, cut back on the amount. Also, before I climb out of the shower I fill a one-quart plastic container with approximately three table spoons of vinegar, fill the rest with water. Than I pour it over my entire body (with eyes closed- don’t squint). Then I dry off. The vinegar will neutralize any lingering soap, which, if left behind, can dry your skin. The vinegar also tightens and softens your skin. You won’t smell like a salad--I promise! My lady friend says that, I have the softest skin for a man that she has ever touched. That is one of the many things that it does. So there. I can live with that. I also drink a couple of swallows too from the container. There are many books out about the benefits of ingesting it, etc.

e. How about 100%, CO-ENZYME Q-10 and/or ENZYMES. For more information about these two items, just click on either one of them, and again, click on products, then click on category. I hope I have made it as simple as possible for you. This stuff is critical to your wellness and beautiful skin! By the way, you probably already know that manufacturers now add Q-10 to their moistures? Hey! They finally found out! I’ve been using it inside and out for eight years now. Pretty insightful huh?

Here we go: First, open-up two capsules of CO-Q-10 and/or two enzyme capsules. Pour into A bowl, then apply. Leave on for 30 minutes then wipe off. Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, I also ingest the Q-10. It and the enzymes (at every meal) have given me noticeably more energy. Q-10 can prevent heart and gum disease. The Japanese invented Q-10 years ago to prevent these maladies from occurring, and with dramatic results. You will get more information about Q-10 and the enzymes at my web-site: www.purestfoods.com


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This is a challenge even for me. But CRITICAL for staying youthful and free from illnesses! If you’re not on a good diet, I urge you to get on one now. Symptoms of old age, illness, wrinkles, poor complexion and circulation of blood, etc. are greatly attributed to eating to many of, what I call: ―Death Foods‖. These are the kinds of foods that cause toxins and other waste matter (fat) to remain in the gut and our bodies. Which doesn’t enhance anything!! Most all diseases start in the gut. There is plenty of information validating this fact. Again, you will find some information about this at my web-site. I’m here to help you make it happen, OK?

Let me give you an example of what ―Death Foods‖ are. Foods that have little or NO nutrients and/or enzyme activity in them! Foods that contain hundreds of harmful chemicals. Fast foods and/or grocery store foods fall into the this category. The exception would be of course, fresh fruit and vegetables, which are rich in enzymes, etc. But, unfortunately if they aren’t organic, they will contain harmful chemicals. Badbadbad!

As I said before, enzymes are critical to life! Because, without them constantly in your diet you’re asking for trouble! You WILL suffer eventually! And at what cost are willing to sacrifice your youth, health and your $$$$$$$$$. You’ll just make your Doctor richer. And most Doctors could care less about your

  • REAL‖ health? There so-called drugs are dangerous. Last year alone, Doctors terminated one hundred

thousand people! A risk I will never take again. Between them and the drug companies, it is a multi-trillion dollar business. It is only TRILLIONS to them--nothing else! Pleaseplease trust me. I beg you!

9. Allow me to tell you, sort-of, how I begin my breakfast. First, using a blender, I mix fresh fruit(s), honey, goats milk and/or soy milk (Many times better for you than cows milk!) After I drink it, I follow it with a glass of water and ORGANIC SUPPLEMENTS. Which would be: The Algae, enzymes, CO-Q-10, probiotics, (friendly bacteria, essential for the gut) My web-site will explain more. By the way, I also eat

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