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these organic supplements, not only at every meal, but when ever I snack on something that I KNOW will potentially break my body down. The best part about it is: I feel mentally much better also. Which is part of this whole scenario.

I make sure that I drink water during all of my meals too. Not only does this make it easier to digest food, but it increases and supplies more energy for other things that your body needs. Young, young, young! Better diet more energy, etc! Remember, ―BEAUTY AND HEALTH THROUGH ENERGY CONSCIOUS LIVING...Of course you do. This is our new motto--RIGHT?

My lunches are simple too. Yes, I eat chicken sometimes and the skin. I need some fat in my diet. Most of us do for good health. As long as you do not allow to much of it, and cholesterol to remain in your body! To prevent that from happening, that is why I eat ALGAE, ENZYME, PROBIOTICS and Q-10, etc. These products also help detoxify and remove harmful chemicals from your body and brain. None of this ―Good Stuff‖ happens with ―Death Foods‖ folks. We are now the fattest and most unhealthy people on the planet! We have to show the world that we can change that.

Back to lunch. At times I eat a variety of salads from the deli. But look--I admit, I do eat some ―Death Foods‖ once and awhile myself. It is difficult not to. BUT! I always protect myself by eating ORGANIC SUPPLEMENTS! I’m just simply afraid not to!

Dinner. I steam (green leaf) vegetables of all kinds, or eat them in a salad. I eat a lot of brown rice. I do use a little butter. Mostly though, extra virgin olive oil, with a touch of vinegar and a little salt. Occasionally I do eat pork--but rarely beef! It’s one of the most filthy, most polluted and harmful foods that there is! Read, John Robbin’s book. ―Diet For New America‖. It is thoroughly convincing!

My pursuit of the ―Simpler‖ diet and everything else, has given me something greater than GOLD! Energy, excellent health, youthfulness and much more. But listen? I didn’t learn about all this stuff over night- so be patient--huh? In the mean time, I will encourage and inspire you to go for it. Besides, sharing with you and helping others is worth it to me, because it as taught me to have greater respect, love and empathy for others, and myself! I now know that: ―You are what you eat‖. And that’s a fact!

I have to tell you that though--the greatest blessing and contributor to my health, etc, has been the daily consumption of ORGANIC SUPLEMENTS--bar none! It is so simple! They deliver the most potent and purest foods, that you or I could ever dream of eating! I call them the ―Holy Grail‖ of foods. They’re absolutely incontrovertible!

I also know, that when I do eat organic supplements, I’m also bolstering my immune system. Basically, that is what these foods are all about. Our immune system is our greatest first-strike liberator against ill health that we have! Proof is available everywhere that will convince you that your style of eating is the key to staying younger and healthier by bolstering your immune system. More about that at my web-site.

From here on out we promise that we will eliminate the destruction of our body, mind, spirit, and youth!

If you have already seen my web-site you already know HOW and WHY, ―Good‖ eating can dramatically change and improve your life and add more fun, creativity, productivity and alertness and more! By the way, if you didn’t see the article by Doctor John Tyler, Ph.D.? In his research he as discovered, that in many cases, Algae has helped children and adults with AD/HD and/or hyperactive behavior. I know, because I suffered from it definitely noticed the change. I put them through hell at times? You parents that have children...know exactly what I’m talking about. Safe help is on the way.

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