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I also hope that you had a chance to read about CELLTECH? They are the company that, for over 20 years, have been harvesting the WILD GROWING SUPER BLUE GREEN ALGAE from Lake Klamath in Oregon. And, they have been committed to giving 10% of their annual harvest and their other products to the poor around the world! It has helped restore their hope in living a normal and productive life--BIG TIME!

By the way, you can order their products in a variety of ways too. If--and when you do take the time to talk to the wonderful people at CELLTECH you will be treated like never before! That I promise! I’m convinced that it is the power of the Algae that, they themselves eat. It actually has that effect on people. I’m not kidding! Go ahead, discover for yourself. You owe it to your wellness and your ―Life‖. You know you do.

And don’t worry--I’M here if you need me! My e-mail is: mvanditto@comcast.net My web site is: www.purestfoods.com Phone:(206) 795-6705.

Let’s go to our next lesson, OK?

10. EXERCISE: I KNOW...I don’t like it much either. BUT, just a little can make a difference in how you feel and look. It’s another one of those good ―Vitamins‖. I prefer Yoga myself. It gives me ―More‖ than any other type of exercise that I have ever experienced, and let me tell you--it is very strengthening and strenuous!

11. ATTITUDE/PERSISTANCE/CONSISTENCY: I constantly tell myself how young and beautiful I am. Like I said earlier, numbers shouldn’t have anything to Do with how you judge yourself, and/or feel. Trust me. ―The mind does not know the difference between an imagined thing or the real thing‖ It works for me and it will for you too! Become a mental chameleon.

12. WORRY/STRESS/ANGER: Three destructive killers! Which if not controlled, can steal everything from you! I had to learn the hard way. It takes practice, patience and discipline to over-come. I had to master it, or confront an early death and/or no future. I know that eating better and exercising will help give you the courage, energy and empowerment to make it happen. It’s a fact. Patience and persistence achieves all things! (Old Chinese Proverb)

13. HAIR: You must have your hair colored, permed and/or cut correctly. If you don’t it will take away. You know what I’m talking about. Same for make-up of course and the way you dress, etc. Don’t frump yourself out. Begin by finding the right people to help you. Call-up any of your local TV talk-show host(s) in your area and start networking. Tell them how great they look. News people especially seek out the right professionals. They have too, or get swept away. They will gladly tell you the best people that can help you. ―Dress for Success‖.

Well, that’s all I can tell you for now. The BEST of luck to you my ―Dearest‖ friends. Hang in there! One more thing--don’t forget to ask me for information about how you and your friends can organize a class in your area. Please let me know--OK?

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