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Principal Consultant, Qualitative Stakeholder Assessment, under contract with the Ministry of Health, Albania.  Provide technical assistance to public and private sector officials and staff members regarding two triangulated qualitative/quantitative health policy and services research projects.  Train staff in all aspects of qualitative/quantitative research, including overall study design, instrument development, interviewing methods, instrument intake, data analysis and interpretation, and report preparation.  Conduct workshop on the use of participatory evaluation methods in health policy. (April 2003-December 2003)

Project Director, Report on National Policies Concerning HIV/AIDS Among Adolescents, under contract with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).  Design approach to and supervise collection of data and information to describe national policies, principally in Latin America and the Caribbean, and also including examples from Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Prepare report for use by PAHO in planning future activities.  Participate in Interagency Coordinating Committee HIV/AIDS Technical Group meeting on behavioral surveillance. (June 2003-December 2004)

Consultant, Health Information System, Lebanon. World Bank contract to assess current health and health-related information systems and their adequacy and relevance to the health system in Lebanon; evaluate the current health information systems and their support for management of services and activities of the health system; identify gaps in the current information systems and propose practical corrective actions and projects within the context of the Health System Rehabilitation Project; conduct a workshop for senior Ministry of Public Health and health system personnel focusing on issues related to the Lebanon health information system; and produced a final report on the national health information system. (June-July 2002)

Project Director, Rehabilitation Services for the Disabled, Health System Development II, the World Bank.  Conducted a range of activities, including preparation of a report, Envisioning a Comprehensive, Integrated Palestinian Rehabilitation System, collecting and analyzing relevant health and social services and socioeconomic data, and organizing policy dialogue meetings regarding rehabilitation services in the West Bank and Gaza.  Dr. Jillson was responsible for the preparation of the situation analysis and organization of the policy dialogue workshops for the rehabilitation services including dialogue with the PA and NGO counterparts, identifying local consultants to undertake data collection for the situation analysis.  (2001-2002).

Project Director, Evaluation of the Holst Fund and the Technical Assistance Trust Fund, World Bank.  Manage the collection and analysis of data and information related to two innovative, multilateral donor support mechanisms in place in the West Bank and Gaza.  Conducted site visits, collected and analyzed de novo and secondary data and information; prepared final reports that provide lessons learned regarding development assistance in conflict and post-conflict jurisdictions.  (April 2001-December 2002)

Project Director, Health and Social Policy Activities, West Bank and Gaza Strip, World Bank.  Provide advice and consultation to the World Bank related to the health systems development project, including design and technical support for the quality assurance component, the public sector contracting component, and social impact assessments.  This included, for example, design and implementation of a sub-project on public/private sector collaboration efforts (resulting in a widely distributed and utilized report); participation in design of the follow-on health systems development project; design of an information system for use in MOH contracting with the private sector (and linked with related health information systems); analysis of current donor assistance in the health sector; preparation of two reports on the social sector, including a report on emergency assistance needs “Social Impact Assessment” that summarized health and socioeconomic data that can inform the design of World Bank Health System Development. (March 1999-December

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