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FM PT38 had listed three options that could be considered by WG FM when discussing about the need for further work with GSM-R:


Amend the ECC Decisions (02)05 on GSM-R and (04)06 on wide band PMR/PAMR by adding a reference to the ECC Report 162 in the explanatory memorandum and/or in the 'considering'.


Develop a new ECC Recommendation covering the key elements of the ECC Report 162;


No further work within WG FM, as ECC Report 162 and other existing ECC deliverables (e.g. ECC Report 96) already give the necessary guidance for the radio administrations as well as for the operators of GSM-R and public mobile networks.


Many participants in the meeting pointed out that it would not be possible to develop any legally binding instrument within WG FM. Some participants were of the opinion that no further work is needed, but the first option listed by FM PT38 could be supported as a compromise.


It was also proposed that a correspondence group would collect pro's and con's of different options for the WG FM meeting in October 2011. This proposal was, however, not supported.


WG FM agreed to follow the first option to add a new considering in the ECC Decisions (02)05 on GSM-R and (04)06 on wide band PMR/PAMR. It was however noted that before public consultation the ECC Plenary needs to agree with the revision of these two Decisions.


In parallel WG FM also decided to include in the WG FM Work Programme a new work item to monitor and review the situation in 2-3 years.


WG FM approved the draft amended ECC Decisions (02)05 on GSM-R (see Annex 09) and (04)06 on wide band PMR/PAMR (see Annex 10) to be sent for public consultation, pending on the agreement of the ECC Plenary in June 2011.


In case the ECC Plenary supports the amendments of these Decisions, the ECO will start the public consultation after the ECC meeting.

5.2.5 PMR446


WG FM continued the discussions concerning the proposal to amend ERC Decision (98)25 on PMR446 to add a transmitting time limitation and/or functionality that would avoid unnecessary transmissions on PMR446 frequencies.


WG FM had agreed in its meeting in Luxembourg with the proposal in principle, but decided to seek approval from the ECC Plenary to start the work on the revision of the Decision.


The ECC Plenary had decided to task WG FM to analyse the matter in detail in order to improve the regulatory framework. If WG FM concludes that an amendment of ECC Decision (98)25 is required it is authorised to take the appropriate steps.


The ETSI Liaison Officer introduced document FM(11)128 in which it makes proposals for  updating ERC/DEC(98)25 to address the issue of continuous transmissions by certain types of PMR 446 equipment. The Liaison Statement includes a table providing an overview on how the issue can be addressed for each type of equipment.


WG FM decided to task the SRD/MG to develop a draft revised ERC Decision (98)25, taking into account the proposals from ETSI.

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