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WG FM noted that after the revised Decision will have been approved, it is expected that ETSI is going to  consider the possible need to make relevant amendments to the harmonised standard EN 300 296.


WG FM agreed to send a Liaison Statement to ETSI giving information about the work plan with PMR446 (see Annex 11).

5.2.6 Closure of FM PT38


WG FM considered the closure of FM PT38 as the work on PPDR will continue in the new FM PT49 on PPDR and other issues of FM PT38 have been finalised or given to other groups.


WG FM agreed to close FM PT38. The WG FM chairman thanked Mr. Tapio Penkkala for successfully chairing the project team for so many years and emphasised that FM PT 38 had developed a significant number of important deliverables, especially with regard to PMR, PAMR and PPDR applications.

5.3FM PT 44 (Satellite issues)

5.3.1Progress Report


The Chairman of FM PT44, Dr. Benoist Deschamps (F), presented the progress report from the Project Team (Document FM(11)069). The Project Team held its 16th meeting from 6 to 8 April 2011 at ECO in Copenhagen, Denmark. The April meeting made progress on a draft ECC Recommendation on indoor GNSS pseudolite, on a draft ECC Report on outdoor GNSS PL and made further progress on the four work items related to Ka band. The Project Team also reviewed a certain number of ERC/ECC Decisions. of ECC/ERC Decisions, and Recommendations, RIS implementation


WG FM endorsed the proposed revised table and list of ERC/ECC Decisions to be retained as proposed in document FM(11)069 Annex 5. WG FM also noted that the review of the ERC/DEC/(02)04 will need additional work (see Annex 06).


WG FM also endorsed the proposal from FM PT44 that the ERC/ECC Decisions related to the Ka band will be reviewed once FM PT44 has identified if its current work on this band leads to specific revisions of those Decisions.


The Chairman of FM PT44, mentioned that the criteria used for the ERC/ECC Decisions review are the ones that the ECC approved in 2005, but that they are difficult to find in the ECC documentation. In addition, some may also not be perfectly relevant any more. These elements were endorsed by the meeting and it was agreed that the WG FM Chairman will raise these issues at the next Steering Group of the ECC.

5.3.2GNSS repeaters and pseudolites


The Chairman of FM PT44 recalled that at its previous meeting, WG FM sent out for public consultation the draft ECC Report 168 on indoor GNSS PL taking into account that additional information on the protection of the Radio astronomy service (RAS) was expected from SE40. He indicated that FM PT44 received such information and incorporated it in a revised version available in document FM(11)069 Annex 1.


Mr. Thomas Weber (ECO) introduced document FM(11)077 providing the result of the public consultation on the draft ECC Report 168. He mentioned that only one comment, mainly of editorial nature, was received by France. He informed the meeting that the document FM(11)

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