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Region 1, the Chairman of FM PT44 explained that this may impact CEPT administrations in two ways: sharing aspects with the allocated services within CEPT in the bands that may be identified to solve this asymmetry, possible opportunities for the European space industry.


WG FM agreed with the proposal from FM PT44 to send a liaison statement (see Annex 16) to CPG PTA to draw the attention of this Project Team to the spectrum asymmetry in FSS Ku band issue which may be related to A.I. 8.2 of WRC-12.


Finally WG FM also endorsed the inclusion of the three new items in the work program of FM PT44 as proposed by this Project Team:


monitoring of the elaboration of the ITU-R Report on the Ku band asymmetry issue, and in particular the potential impact on Region 1 services;


monitoring the revision of the SNG ITU-R Recommendations so as to ensure that these revisions have no impact on exemption from individual licensing and free circulation Decisions;


consolidating the CEPT views on the work on ITU-R Report on terminology to be used for networks using both satellite and terrestrial links.


The Chairman of FM PT44 stressed that these activities will be time limited and dropped from the Project Team work program as soon as the related deliverables in ITU-R are finalised.

5.3.5CGC in L-band


The Chairman of WG FM introduced document FM(11)096, a liaison statement from WG SE informing about the approval for publication of the ECC report 165 on “Compatibility study between MSS complementary ground component operating in the bands 1 610.0-1 626.5 MHz and 2 483.5-2 500.0 MHz and other systems in the same bands or in adjacent bands.” This ECC Report address any technical implications of the addition of CGC in these bands, including the compatibility with other services in the same bands, the compatibility with other MSS systems in the same bands and the compatibility with services in adjacent bands.


The MSUA considered that on the basis of this liaison statement and of the decision taken in 2010 by WG FM, WG FM should reopen an item in the FM PT44 work program dealing with the introduction of CGC in the 1610.0-1626.5 MHz and 2483.5-2500.0 MHz MSS frequency bands.


The Chairman of FM PT44 proposed that the work item be reopened if FM PT44 receives contributions to its next meeting on this issue and decides to propose to WG FM to resume its work on CGC in the 1.6/2.4 GHz bands. WG FM endorsed this proposal.

5.4 FM PT 45 (Digital Broadcasting issues)

5.4.1Progress Report


The Chairman of FM PT45, Mr. Nigel Laflin (UK), presented the progress report from the Project Team (Doc. FM(11)93). FM PT45 which held its thirteenth meeting on 19 – 20 April 2011, hosted by ComReg in Dublin. The project team had continued to develop ECC draft reports on broadcasting related issues according to its work plan.  The 14th FM PT45 meeting will be hosted by the Administration of Croatia in Split from 28 – 30 June 2011.  WG FM endorsed the updated work plan as given in Annex 6 of Doc. FM(11)93.

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