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The Chairman informed WG FM that the next meeting of FM PT45 will be his last, although he intended to attend the October 2011 meeting of WG FM in order to report on the 14th meeting of the project team.  It was agreed that Project Team consider the future chairmanship and make a proposal to the October 2011 meeting of WG FM.

5.4.2Digitalisation of sound broadcasting in Band II


The Chairman of FM PT45 noted that further progress had been made in the preparation of a supplementary report on technical parameters for future digital systems in Band II as contained Annex 5 of Doc. FM(11)93.  FM PT45 had agreed that this supplement should focus on sharing criteria and compatibility issues with FM services in Band II and therefore the references to planning criteria could be removed as it is not intended to be a planning document. It is expected that the completed draft report will be submitted to the October meeting of WG FM.

5.4.3Future delivery of Sound Broadcasting


The draft report on the possibilities for the future delivery of radio, is progressing as provided in Annex 4 of Doc. FM(11)93, and is expected to be completed at the next meeting of FM PT45.  

5.4.4SAB/SAP spectrum requirements


FM PT45 considered the request from WG FM to study the spectrum requirements for PMSE.  WG FM agreed to the proposal from the project team to take this work forward by means of a review and possible revision of the several existing ERC/ECC documents on this topic.  In order to facilitate this task WG FM authorised the FM PT45 to liaise directly with the relevant working groups in ETSI and with the CPG in considering the requirements of PMSE. Furthermore, it was proposed that close liaison is necessary between FM PT45 and the SRD/MG on items relating to ERC/REC 70-03 Annex 10. The chairmen Mr. Nigel Laflin (UK) and Mr. Thomas Weber (ECO) will make a proposal to the next meeting of WG FM on the best way to achieve this.


France pointed out that the situation regarding spectrum for PMSE was becoming more complex and that is necessary to avoid overlapping activities across the project teams. It was therefore agreed that FM PT45 take the lead in making a first assessment on what deliverables are needed. Germany supported the necessity to avoid overlapping activities.


The meeting noted the LS informing WG FM that SE7 will study the adjacent band compatibility between the mobile networks and PMSE (wireless microphones) in the 1800 MHz range. In relation to document FM(11)100, the ETSI Liaison Officer informed the meeting that ETSI ERM TG17 will discuss the issue during their next meeting and prepare a response via ETSI ERM.

5.4.5Maintaining the WI95revCO07 and MA02revCO07 Plans


WG FM noted the recent ECO activities in its role as the plan maintenance body for  the WI95revCO07 and MA02revCO07 Plans as detailed in Section 8 of Doc. FM(11)93.  Stations from the Czech Republic published in Circular Letter in CR 17 (Ma02revCo07) are now included in the Plan.  

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