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5.5 FM PT 46 (Maritime issues)

5.5.1Progress Report


The Chairman of FM PT46, Mr. Jaap Steenge (HOL), introduced doc. FM(11)084 containing the Report of the 10th FM PT 46 meeting, which was held at the regional  premises of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) of the Republic of Turkey in Istanbul, from 29 – 31 March 2011.


He indicated the ongoing activities in the field of maritime radiocommunications and reported on the progress of work of importance for CEPT and the activities undertaken which are related to preparatory, coordination and harmonisation activities within the relevant fora for FM PT46.


He highlighted some main topics at present under consideration by FM PT46 (doc. FM(11)084) such as the specifications for Man Over Board systems and devices also in relation to the use of VHF Channels 16 and 70, SRC and LRC training related issues, the revision of ERC DEC(99)01 and the IMO “scoping exercise” of the GMDSS.


Special attention of FM PT 46 was drawn to the work with regard to the administrative handling and use of PLBs within CEPT. An overview on the ECO website has been established, providing information on the administrative handling of PLBs within CEPT Administrations as well as showing in which CEPT countries the use of PLBs is allowed and under which (licensing) conditions. The information website, which is available for the public and for Administrations, can be approached via www.ero.dk Topics/Projects Maritime. The overview still shows a great diversity with regard to the regulatory approach and the use of PLBs within CEPT. Further work on the issue is foreseen.  


Proposals from FM PT 46 to update parts of the Maritime layer in ECC DEC(01)03 will be further considered in close cooperation between EFIS MG and FM PT 46.

5.5.2Circular Letter to CEPT Administrations


The outcome of Monitoring campaign showed that some GMDSS distress frequencies in the HF bands are heavily interfered by illegal broadcasting stations, situated within CEPT and outside CEPT countries.


In order to create more awareness of the present situation and on how to respond, FM PT 46 proposed to issue an ECO Circular Letter, to be addressed to the ECC List A as well as to the WG FM e-mail lists, on the elimination of illegal broadcasting on maritime distress frequencies.


WG FM endorsed the proposed Circular Letter and instructed ECO to distribute the information as an ECO circular letter (see Annex 17).

5.6 FM PT 47 (UWB)

5.6.1. Progress report


The Chairman of FM PT47, Mr. Faussurier (F), introduced the progress report from the Project Team (Doc. FM(11)079). He underlined that SE24 had finalised the work relating to the limits for UWB specific applications (except for airborne UWB which is handled separately) and introduced briefly the main outcome of recent FM PT47 discussions.

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