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The meeting was attended by 117 delegates from 34 Administrations, EC, ECO, ETSI and 16 international organisations. The list of participants is in Annex 02.


The list of documents is in Annex 03. A list of abbreviations used in these Minutes is in Annex 04. The Terms of Reference for the WG FM Project Teams, the SRD/MG and the EFIS/MG as well as the working methods for the Civil/Military meeting are provided in Annex 05.

2.Adoption of the Agenda, Schedule of Work


The WG FM Chairman introduced an updated version of the draft agenda.


He pointed out that for the current WG FM meeting he had received more than dozen requests for participation on the meeting from organisations who don’t have a MoU or LoU with the CEPT or the ECC. Based on the draft agenda he invited for participation 4 representatives from such organisations with the aim to facilitate resolving of some controversial or new agenda items.


He also stressed that according to the RoP, WG FM is the forum for administrations and that interested organisations usually should participate within national administrations or through organisations having either an LoU or MoU with CEPT or with the ECC. E.g. from the industrial side ETSI most closely cooperates with WG FM, especially when organisations plan to present to WG FM information in the form of input documents. All contributions from other source organisations are considered by the WG FM only as INFO documents.


France and Norway expressed the same views.


The approved Agenda of the 72nd WG FM meeting is contained in Annex 01 of these Minutes.


Thereafter the meeting considered the item 7.1 of the Agenda, «Vice chairmanship of WG FM». The WG FM Chairman presented documents INFO 3 and INFO 7 nominating Ms. Cristina Reis (Portugal) and Mr. Thomas Weilacher (Germany) as candidates for the Vice-Chairmanship of the WG FM.


In absence of any other nominations, the Chairman kindly requested to agree on the appointments by acclamation. The meeting joined him in a warm applause. The Chairman remarked that favourable combination of Vice-Chairmen (Mr. Weilacher, who was having the second term of office, and Ms. Reis starting with the first one) would increase efficiency of the WG FM work,. based on Mr. Weilacher’s experience gained on this post during the last 3 years and Ms. Reis possibility to keep succession within WG FM after future reappointment of the WG FM Chairman and the Vice-Chairman.

3.EC Telecom Policy and Follow-up


The Commission Counselor presented an update on the EC activities of relevance to WG FM. He drew the meeting’s attention to documents INFO 01 and INFO 02, containing summary reports of the 24th Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) meeting on 10 February 2011 and the 35th Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC) meeting on 23 March 2011.


Concerning the RSPG matters, the following main results and on-going activities from the February plenary meeting were of note, in addition to the adoption of the RSPG work programme for 2011:

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