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proposal (see Annex 22), so that the approach as described in Info document 9 can be taken into account by them. It is expected that the interested parties will provide additional information directly to the first meeting of SE PT 44.


Finally the FM PT 48 chairman informed the meeting that so far only a limited number of administrations have taken part in the first two meetings and that also representatives from companies, without an ETSI membership, have taken part.


The meeting recognised that and confirmed that the chairman of the relevant group may invite representatives of those companies on a case by case basis, although this is not the preferred approach (see also section 2 above).

5.7.2Spectrum requirements


FM PT 48 discussed the question on the spectrum requirements during its follow-up activities. The outcome was provided with document FM(11)091. The general conclusion shows, that an amount of spectrum of 2 x 10 MHz for FDD or, in case of TDD, 20 MHz is required for Broadband DA2GC.


The status of the document was also discussed by WG FM. The original proposal was submitted to the project team via the ECO Forum and neither objections nor any other proposal on it have been made available so far.


WG FM decided to inform ECC on the status of the current discussions on the spectrum requirements because ECC had tasked WG FM to develop a proper justification for the frequency bands and tasked FM PT 48 to further discuss this issue.

5.8Short Range Devices / Maintenance Group

5.8.1Progress report


The Chairman of the SRD/MG, Mr. Thomas Weber (ECO), presented the report from the SRD/MG as contained in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1


WG FM considered a draft Liaison Statement to WGSE in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1Annex2 requesting compatibility studies of the potential for interference from SRD into EESS (passive) in the frequency band 122 to 122.25 GHz. The Liaison Statement was approved as in Annex 23.


WG FM understood the willingness of ETSI ERM/ ERM TG28 to make amendments to the EN 305 550, such as introducing a psd limit for devices operating in this spectrum, in the event that such a technical measure is needed to ensure compatibility. Review of ECC/ERC Decisions, and Recommendations, RIS implementation


WG FM discussed a proposal from the SRD/MG to revise ERC/DEC/(01)17 as in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex 4 regarding ULP-AMI (Ultra-Low-Power-Active-Medical-Implants) operating in 401-406 MHz.  The proposal was to ensure that ULP-AMI will have protection from short range device applications in the future.


The ETSI Liaison Officer introduced document FM(11)121 in which it informs WG FM that members of ETSI ERM-TG30 "Wireless Medical Devices" support the SRD/MG proposed revision of ERC Decision ERC/DEC/(01)17.

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