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After discussion WG FM agreed to delete the mentioning of the mobile service in the title and in the decides part of the proposed revised Decision.


It was noted that the proposal avoided any need for new compatibility studies and was in line with the worldwide situation for medical implant communication devices in other ITU-R regions.


Mr. Thomas Weber  explained in response to a question that the proposal only may affect potential future proposals for SRD applications for operation in this frequency band while at the same time would not affect the existing radio services and applications in the band.


WG FM agreed the revised ERC/DEC/(01)17 for submission to the public consultation as in Annex 24.


WG FM noted the approved RIS implementation on LPR (Level Probing Radar),  ECC/DEC/(11)02, that was provided finally by SRD/MG to WGRA and was subsequently formally approved. The approved RIS implementation on LPR is in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex7.


WG FM approved for public consultation the new ECC Decision on the formal withdrawal of five ERC Decisions covering SRD applications as provided by the ECO in Document FM(11)085. The new ECC Decision will be submitted to the public consultation procedure as in Annex 25.

5.8.2Status of Rec. 70-03


WG FM noted the status of ERC Recommendation 70-03 as provided in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex 1 section 4.

Annex 5 – RTTT


WG FM endorsed the proposal from SRD/MG to provide to the next meeting a revision of Annex 5 of Recommendation 70-03. This will include:

- a clarification of the scope of the annex, also with the aim to avoid unnecessary restrictions and taking into account the advent of some new surveillance radar applications,

- include an entry for the WLAM application,

- clarify the definition and usage of the term ITS in Recommendation 70-03.


Concerning the new SRR regulation and in particular noting the current status of the new draft EC Decision, WG FM decided to task the SRD MG to investigate and develop two options for consideration at the next WG FM meeting. The two options include a) a revised ECC/DEC/(04)10 and b) a separate new ECC Decision on SRR.  WG FM will also seek guidance from the ECC in order to understand whether there is a preference for one option.  


The ETSI Liaison Officer introduced document FM(11)124 which contains the final version of the Systems Reference Document on WLAM (Wideband Low Activity Mode automotive radar). Earlier versions were already submitted for the St.-Petersburg meeting (May 2010) and the Goteborg meeting (September 2010).

Annex 10 – Radio microphones and aids for the hearing impaired


WG FM noted an Liaison Statement from WG SE outlining the work to clarify the sharing conditions around the 1785 MHz band edge and for the use of the band 1800-1805 MHz by PMSE applications in PT SE7 as in Doc.FM(11)100.

Annex 3 – Wideband Data Transmission Systems

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