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WG FM considered a proposal from the SRD/MG for removal of the 5 GHz WAS/RLAN bands (bands b) and c)) from the Annex 3.


Mr. Thomas Weber  explained that the proposal would avoid the conflict with the EC Decision 2005/513/EC and ECC Decision (04)08, and ensured maximum protection to the radiodetermination service. Furthermore, the proposal was in line with the adopted ITU-R Resolution 229 on the ‘Use of the bands 5 150-5 250, 5 250-5 350 MHz and 5 470-5 725 MHz by the mobile service for the implementation of wireless access systems including radio local area networks’. For the same reason, these bands were also not included in the CEPT contribution on PDNR [SRD] to ITU-R WP1B.


WG FM  tasked the SRD MG to further discuss in detail the proposal for removal of the 5GHz WAS/RLAN bands from Annex 3 of the Recommendation 70-03 and provide to WG FM an in-depth analysis of the impact of this proposal so that WG FM can make a decision in October 2011.

5.8.3EC related activities – New Mandate on 169 MHz


The SRD/MG chairman reported that the Commission services presented for discussion at the RSC a new working document on a possible review of EC Decision 2005/928/EC (RSCOM11-09 rev), document INFO 8, in order to ensure the efficient use of the harmonised frequency range. The document was welcomed by the RSC members who broadly supported the way forward as proposed by the Commission services. In regard to the draft Mandate to CEPT, some clarifications were suggested and taken into account, in particular concerning the timing of the work. It was agreed that RSC members would receive the revised text of the draft Mandate to CEPT on the 169 MHz band and that the Commission would subsequently launch a written regulatory procedure in view of adopting an advisory Opinion on the Mandate.


It was therefore proposed to start work on the preliminary mandate immediately. In light of the obvious work split in the ECC and that the mandate was expected to finally be given to SRD/MG, the ECC and WG FM chairmen already requested to start work as soon as possible, so the tight schedule of the mandate could be fulfilled. In a first step, a questionnaire to industry and administrations was developed by SRD/MG as in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex 3.


It was underlined that the Commission services share the objectives of increasing flexibility and ensuring the efficient use of the band. But it was also emphasized, that the Commission services consider it necessary to achieve a balance in regard to legal certainty for existing users, simplification of regulation and proportionality of regulatory changes.


Therefore, the results of the Mandate should, on the basis of detailed information on the current use in Members States of both the low power and the high power parts of the harmonised band, identify technical and regulatory provisions that ensure the efficient use of the band and guarantee best possible usage conditions for applications that support the community objectives, such as ICT for supporting an ageing society and ensuring the inclusion of persons with disabilities.


WG FM adopted the 169 MHz questionnaire to be sent to industry and administrations as in Annex 26. It was further noted that the results of the questionnaire may impact the reporting to WG FM during the next meeting, i.e. that it cannot be guaranteed at the present time that a final reporting without an interim report could be achieved in October 2011 to WG FM.

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