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WG FM also noted the first discussions in SRD/MG with regard to the launch of the fifth update of technical annex of the EC Decision for SRD as in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex1 section 5.

5.8.4ITU related activities


Mr. Thomas Weber reported that SRD/MG had unanimously agreed to send two CEPT contributions to ITU-R WP 1B. One contribution included the European information in the ITU-R SM.2153 in the same format as in ERC/REC 70-03 (Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex10). The other contribution was a task given to SRD/MG during the last WG FM meeting and contained an input to the PDNR [SRD] which was also in relation to WRC’12 AI 1.22 (Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex8).

5.8.5Plan for implementing the SRD strategy. Review 863-870 MHz


Mr. Thomas Weber  presented the summary of the ECO and preliminary conclusions from SRD/MG with regard to the responses to the 863-870 MHz questionnaire as in Doc.FM(11)083Rev1 Annex9.


A total of 76 answers were collected by the ECO and the responses included a lot of information regarding the strong growth of the equipment population in 863-870 MHz.


Mr. Thomas Weber  explained that the type of questionnaire demonstrated that it was very good at collecting market and usage information but at the same time difficult to summarise, evaluate and draw conclusions. A lot of suggestions from the responders would need time for evaluating of them. SRD/MG will continue to work on the conclusions from the questionnaire until September 2011. Mr Weber also presented some important information from the summary of responses to the workshop held on 4-5 April in Mainz.

5.8.6Future spectrum for RFID, SRDs and Smart Metering/Smart Grid  Applications in UHF


Mr. Thomas Weber  presented the summary report from the workshop held on 4-5 April 2011 at Mainz, Germany as in Doc. FM(11)083Rev1 Annex6 rev1. As a result of the workshop, SRD/MG prepared a roadmap for actions and a proposal for WG FM to endorse the roadmap. In addition, it was suggested that the roadmap should be reviewed again by WG FM in September 2011 based on description by SRD/MG of preliminary objectives and plan for further analysis.


WG FM endorsed the roadmap proposal as in document FM(11)083Rev1 Annex6 rev1. SRD/MG was tasked to conduct the demand consolidation, define objectives for further analysis and refine the framework for compatibility and sharing studies. In parallel, the WG SE was mandated to start studies as in Liaison Statement Annex 27.

5.8.7 Medical Wireless Communications


The ETSI Liaison Officer introduced document FM(11)122 which contains a latest draft of the Systems Reference Document TR 101 557 on MBANS in the 2360 to 2400 MHz band. MBANSs are intended to provide wireless networking of multiple body sensors and actuators used for monitoring patients primarily in healthcare facilities as well as in ambulances or at the patient’s home. ETSI ERM will consider this SRDoc during their June 2011 meeting for approval and publication after which the approved version will also be communicated to WG FM.


Several administrations expressed concerns with regard to the suggested frequency band as the  frequency band 2 300 -2 400 MHz is one of the bands that has been identified for IMT technology by ITU-R regulation and they intend to use the 2300 to 2400 MHz for new higher

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