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Mr. Thomas Weber presented the results of the questionnaire on GPR/WPR as in Doc.FM(11)083Rev1 Annex5. A total of 57 responses from administrations and industry was received. It was especially noted that the responses from administrations show that the ECC/DEC/(06)08 implementation level will strongly increase within the coming year and that the information in the summary and from the responses can also be used by other administrations for their national implementation. An input from the European GPR Association (document SRD/MG(11)052) clearly indicated that a revision of the ECC Decision(06)08 was not requested from the industry side anymore. SRD/MG therefore decided to propose to WG FM no follow-on action on this subject. WG FM endorsed this view.

5.8.976-77 GHz Surveillance Radars


It was explained by Mr. Thomas Weber  that the SRD/MG was waiting for the outcome of the compatibility studies before discussing a possible regulation.

5.9 ECC PT1 (IMT Matters)

5.9.1Progress Report


Mr. Vladislav Sorokin (RUS) as ECC PT1 reporter for WG FM provided a progress report from ECC PT1 (Doc. FM(11)130 rev1). This document contained an overview of the results from the last ECC PT1 meeting held on 10-12 May in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland which has a relevance to WG FM work. Some of them are the following:


ECC PT1 finalised the development of two new ECC recommendations (11)04 & (11)05 on frequency planning and frequency coordination and sent them to WG FM for final adoption (see next section).


The work on revision of other ERC/ECC Recommendations is continued in ECC PT1:


ECC PT1 progressed the update of ECC Recommendation (08)02 to allow MFCN in the 900/1800 MHz bands and plans to finalize the task in September 2011. There is intention to submit this revised ECC Recommendation for approval for public consultation at the next WG FM meeting.


ECC PT1 identified that ERC Recommendation (01)01 will need to be updated in the future to allow LTE/MFCN at 2 GHz. Alternatively a new Recommendation may be needed. ECC PT1 agreed to assess this possible way forward at the next ECC PT1 meeting in September 2011.


Further to a review process, ECC PT1 considered that ECC Recommendation (05)08 on GSM 900/1800 MHz should be retained and is not planned to be updated.


ECC PT1 considered that ECC recommendation (02) 10 on “Harmonized utilization of spectrum for 1.28Mcps UTRA TDD option in connection with ERC/DEC/(99)25” could be withdrawn taken into account the current revision of ECC/DEC(06)01 and that the ERC/DEC/(99)25 is withdrawn.


ECC PT1 completed the development of the draft new ECC Decision “on harmonised frequency arrangements for IMT systems used for mobile/fixed communications networks (MFCN) operating in the bands 3400 - 3600 MHz and 3600 - 3800 MHz” and agreed to send it to the ECC for approval for public consultation.

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