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List of searchable applications was approved by WG FM (see Annex 31) for submission to administration consultation.


WG FM was informed about the ongoing work regarding the new ECC Report providing guidance on the interpretation of the ECC/DEC(01)03 requirements. A draft version of this Report is expected for submission to WG FM for the October 2011 meeting.


During the 70th WG FM meeting, WG FM tasked EFIS/MG, with the help of ECO, to provide a report to WG FM on the use of the searchable application term “TRA-ECS” for the May 2011 meeting. As a result, ECO had presented a report to the last EFIS/MG and subsequently also informed WG FM as in document FM(11)088). No conclusions could be drawn at the present stage by WG FM. ECO was requested to provide another report in about one year.

Statement from Germany

Germany does not see a need for an additional report.


WG FM was informed about the amendments of the EFIS software to encompass the merging of the ECA into EFIS.  


The EFIS/MG was also tasked to discuss suggestions from PT FM46 on the maritime application terms in the future.

5.11 Cognitive radio systems


The Coordinator of the CG CRS, Dr. Benoist Deschamps (F), presented the progress report from the correspondence group (document FM(11)094). Accordingly to the task given by WG FM in February 2011, the CG started working on the regulatory consideration of the protection of PMSE, on the basis of section D.1 of Chapter 11 of ECC Report 159, in a context of a use of the 470-790 MHz band by white space devices (WSD).


So as to carry out this work, the CG CRS considered necessary to better assess the situation together with the intention of administrations and industry with regard to the introduction of WSD in the above mentioned band in the future and also to the possible solutions that could be envisaged to ensure protection of PMSE. The CG CRS proposed to gather this information through a questionnaire proposed to WG FM in the Annex of document FM(11)094.


WG FM reviewed the proposed questionnaire and endorsed it with a couple of editorial modifications (see Annex 32). The ECO is instructed to send out this questionnaire to administrations and industry and will provide an analysis of the answers received to the CG CRS. WG FM set the deadline to answer to the questionnaire on 15th September 2011.


Finally, the coordinator of CG CRS mentioned that a folder on the ECO server has been opened where all the documentation of the CG is available.

5.12 Harmonisation of L- band (1452-1492 MHz) in CEPT


The Chairman of WG FM recalled that the ECC endorsed the proposal elaborated during the 71st WG FM meeting with regard to the way forward to progress on the subject of the 1452-1492 MHz band. As a consequence, WG FM had to adopt the Terms of Reference for the new Project Team to be established. He mentioned that four contributions had been received by WG FM on this specific work.

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