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A draft RSPG Opinion on Cognitive Radio Systems was adopted after some changes to the draft text, in particular a  paragraph which was added to the explanatory text with  regard to the need to also consider the cross-border coordination aspects in cognitive radio databases;

A draft Report on The future of radio broadcasting in Europe: Identified needs, opportunities and possible ways forward was adopted. The Rapporteur encouraged the Commission services to adopt a cross-department reflection on possible actions to address the current slow take-up of digital radio and suggested two areas where additional work could be warranted with regard to spectrum. The first area concerns spectrum requirements to allow for a non-multiplex based approach to digital radio (so-called narrow band radio broadcasting) such as DRM+. This could address the particular need of smaller local radio stations which do not have access to FM and/or would welcome a migration to a "light" digital radio infrastructure. The second area relates to the discussion between spectrum administrations on digital radio in a broader sense including the economic aspects, impact of Internet radio, reception in cars, etc;

The draft RSPG Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-12 was adopted following the public consultation, where the draft Opinion was generally supported by all the interested parties, but there were divergent views on the necessity for a future agenda item for WRC-16 related to the spectrum requirements for mobile broadband. This Opinion was also an important input for the Commission Communication on European Union's policy approach to WRC-12, which was adopted on 6 April;

A representative of Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) of the EC informed the RSPG about latest developments regarding the Single European Sky initiative. The presentation is available on the RSPG web site;

The RSPG adopted the joint RSPG-BEREC Report on Transitional issues in the mobile sector in Europe;

The next RSPG meeting (RSPG#25) will take place in Brussels on 16 June 2011 in the context of a larger event, the Digital Agenda Assembly (16-17 June). Therefore the next RSPG meeting will concentrate on wireless broadband issues and in addition to the regular meeting, the Commission will organise a number of workshops, including one on spectrum issues which would involve stakeholders and participants at the Assembly, as well as RSPG Members. This workshop is scheduled to take place in the morning of 17 June.


Concerning the RSC matters handled at the 35th meeting, the following issues were of note:

The RSC gave a favourable regulatory opinion to the draft Commission Implementing Decision on the harmonisation of the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands for terrestrial systems capable of providing electronic communications services in the European Union, amending Decision 2009/766/EC. Subsequently, the Commission adopted the Decision on 18 April 2011 (2011/251/EU);

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