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30 / 41

to study a harmonized band plan for the introduction in this band of terrestrial mobile multimedia services;

to review of the necessary planning criteria and parameters for the deployment of mobile multimedia services as provided by the MA02revCO07 plan.


The Chairman of WG FM recalled that limiting the investigation of the Project Team would be out of the scope of the task given by the ECC. This was supported by Norway.


After further discussion, the Chairman proposed to settle a drafting group to prepare the draft ToR for the new PT on the basis of the document FM(11)118 from France, taking into account the first bullet of the Swedish proposal without the reference to the Maastricht Agreement and taking into account the proposal from Germany about the overall objective of WG FM. This was agreed by the meeting. The drafting group was also tasked to consider if it were necessary to ask the ECC for the confirmation of the authorisation that the new Project Team carries out an impact analysis.


The proposed draft Terms of References as prepared by the drafting group were then submitted to WG FM for approval. Norway recalled that during the initial discussion, it has objection to the consideration of the criteria “compatibility with the current regulatory framework” as mentioned in the list under the first task of the Project Team. However, recognising that the proposed Terms of Reference are the result of a delicate compromise, Norway withdrew its reservation and accepted the document as it resulted from the drafting group activity.


Sweden and Italy also supported the Terms of Reference as prepared by the drafting group.


Germany mentioned that it still had a similar reservation than the one expressed by Norway and wished, in addition, to have a reference to the overall aim of WG FM to solve the issues also for the applications that will not be retained in the 1452-1492 MHz band after the work of the new Project Team.


With regard to the first issue, the WG FM Chairman asked the meeting if other administrations have a similar reservation than Germany. In the lack of such additional reservation, the WG FM decided not to modify the criteria related to the compatibility with the current regulatory framework.

Statement from Germany:

Germany is of the view that the "compatibility with the current regulatory framework" is not an objective criterion to assess the most appropriate application for the 1452-1492 MHz band, as currently listed in the Terms of Reference of FM PT 50. Instead being information only, in the case of potential consequential activities after the selection of the most appropriate application, such a criterion would privilege some applications in the selection process. This contradicts the open approach endorsed by the ECC at its 27th meeting (see ECC(10)098, section 11.5).


With regard to the second issue, the WG FM Chairman proposed to recall in the meeting Minutes the relevant part of document FM(11)062 Annex 18:

“Finally, the spectrum requirements for the applications not retained to be used in the L band should be recognized and duly considered by WG FM and it will be important that the work of FM45, FM48 and FM49 takes account of this situation.

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