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The overall aim of WG FM is to manage the work to find a solution which satisfies all the requirements as far as possible.”


Finally, WG FM agreed to establish the Project Team 50 on the future use of the 1452-1492 MHz band. WGFM appointed Mr. Deschamps (F) as Chairman (see Annex 05).


With regard to the second task given to the drafting group, the drafting group chairman proposed that the WG FM will ask the ECC to give the authorisation to the Project Team to develop such an impact analysis if FM PT50 sees the need for it, so as to avoid to loose any time taking into account the short time frame during which the work has to be carried out. WG FM endorsed this proposal.


Finally, the first two meetings of the FM PT50 have been scheduled as follow:

27-29 July 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark, at the kind invitation of the ECO;

20-22 September 2011, Italy, at the kind invitation of the Italian administration.

5.13 Update of the ECA Table (ERC Report 25)

5.13.1ECA Table update


WG FM had already decided during its meeting in Luxembourg that a draft revision of the complete ERC Report 25, based on the new format, should be adopted for public consultation in May 2011.


The chairman of the Correspondence Group on the future of the ECA Table (CG ECA), Mr Weilacher, introduced a proposal (FM(11)068) for the amended general part of ERC Report 25 by taking into account the conclusions as provided in Annex 34 of the WG FM Minutes (71st meeting in Luxembourg, FM(11)062rev1).


Some amendments to that document were proposed by France. The outcome of the CG and the proposals from France were supported by the meeting.


The EC Counsellor had asked during the last ECC meeting in March if the reference to the EC Decisions would be included into the ERC Report 25. Therefore this aspect had also been addressed by the CG. No proposal on that had been submitted to the CG.


During the discussion some administrations indicated that it would be advantageous to get information regarding EC Decisions for relevant frequency bands. Others had the view that references to EC Decisions are not required in such a CEPT deliverable (ERC Report). It was also emphasised that EC Decisions currently can easily be found on the ECO web site (documentation database).


Finally the meeting agreed that the ECO should implement a possibility for getting information on the relevant EC Decisions via EFIS and based on a search function for the frequency bands. The meeting also agreed that no references to EC Decisions should be included in ERC Report 25.


The ECO had submitted a working document on the revised version of the actual ECA Table to the meeting via the CG (FM(11)067rev1). The working document has been aligned with the new format of ERC Report 25 and takes into account the action point list as amended during the WG FM meeting in September 2010 (Annex 24 to doc. FM(10)140).

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