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All ECC/ERC Decisions and ECC/ERC Recommendations, which are relevant to frequency management issues and which had been finally adopted prior 31 March 2011, have been incorporated into the ECA Table and are listed in its Annex 3. The relevant harmonised standards which had been published in the Official Journal of the European Union by April 2011 have been incorporated in the Table and are listed in Annex 4.


After some slight amendments in the ECA Table, the meeting adopted the complete ERC Report 25 for public consultation (see Annexes 33-35).


The meeting also decided to close the CG, because there are no outstanding issues with regard to the future use and objectives for the ECA Table.


The Chairman, Mr. Sergey Pastukh, introduced a proposed revision of the procedure for the update of the ERC Report 25 (FM(11)127). Some amendments were proposed by France.


The meeting supported the proposed revisions including the amendments as proposed by France (see Annex 36).

5.14 Preparations for WRC-12

5.14.1 Agenda Item 1.1


Mr. Vladislav Sorokin (RUS) as CEPT coordinator presented progress report on the preparations on WRC-12 Agenda Item 1.1 (doc.FM(11)104 rev2). It was noted that draft Brief was approved at CPG meting in September 2010 and WG FM already considered some proposals at its meeting February 2011.


WG FM has received new proposals from Spain (doc. FM(11)070), Germany (doc FM(11)110) and Slovakia (doc.FM(11)115 rev1). Spain proposed to delete its country name from footnotes RR 5.359 and 5.536B. Germany proposed to delete its country name from footnote RR 5.362B. The Slovak Republic initiated a withdrawal of its name from footnotes 5.56, 5.162A, 5.179, 5.201, 5.202, 5.290, 5.312, 5.387, and 5.448. There were no other proposals from administrations and organisations since February 2011.


WG FM noted the proposals of Germany and Slovak Republic.


Due to the late submission of doc 115 rev1 and the large number of proposals contained, Germany reserves its position to address the issue at the next meeting again.


A concern was raised with regard to proposal of Spain on deletion its country name from the footnote 5.536B. WG FM already considered the similar proposal of Germany in January 2010 (see Doc.FM (10)035). In order to bring more clarity on the consequences of deletion of country names from 5.536B it was decided to amend the draft CEPT Brief with the explanatory note in Annex 4.


CEPT Brief on AI 1.1 was updated reflecting proposals from Spain, Germany, Slovakia, new note in Annex 4 and other editorial changes. WG FM approved the draft CEPT Brief (see Annex 37) which will be submitted to CPG in June 2011 for further approval.


WG FM meeting in October 2011 will be the last meeting for final development of the draft CEPT Brief as there will be no other meetings before CPG in November 2011 and WRC-12. The administrations, as well as the international organisations, were invited to make further proposals with regard to WRC-12 Agenda Item 1.1 and to inform the CEPT coordinator

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