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5.6.2 ).

Draft revised ERC Decision (01)17 on harmonised frequencies, technical characteristics and exemption from individual licensing of Ultra Low Power Active Medical Implant (ULP-AMI) communication systems operating in the frequency band 401 - 406 MHz on a secondary basis (see Annex 24 and Section

Draft new ECC Decision on the withdrawal of ERC Decisions ERC/DEC/(01)02, ERC/DEC/(01)03, ERC/DEC/(01)07, ERC/DEC/(01)10, and ERC/DEC/(01)16 (see Annex 25 and Section

Draft revised ECC Decision (01)03 on ECO Frequency Information System (EFIS) with changes in Annex 2 (for administration consultation only, see Annex 31 and Section 5.10.1).

Draft revised ECC Decision (02)05 on the designation and availability of frequency bands for railway purposes in the 876-880 MHz and 921-925 MHz bands (pending on the ECC approval, see Annex 9 and Section 5.2.4)

Draft revised ECC Decision (04)06 on the availability of frequency bands for the introduction of Wide Band Digital Land Mobile PMR/PAMR in the 400 MHz and 800/900 MHz bands (pending onthe ECC approval, see Annex 10 and Section 5.2.4)

Draft new ECC Recommendation on framework for authorisation regime of indoor Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) pseudolites in the band 1559-1610 MHz» (see Annex 13 and Section 5.3.2).

Draft new ECC Recommendation on UWB Location Tracking Systems Type 2 (see Annex 20 and Section 5.6.3).

Draft new ECC Recommendation on Location Tracking Application for Emergency and Disaster Situations (Annex 21 and Section 5.6.3).

Draft revised ERC Report 25 on European Table of Frequency Allocations and Applications in the frequency range 9 kHz to 3000 GHz (ECA table) (Annexes 33-35 and Section 5.13).

WG FM invited ETSI to comment on the above mentioned draft ECC deliverables.

6New work items

6.1DVB-H Small Gap Fillers


The meeting noted that no contribution had been submitted on this Item during the last two WG FM meetings and decided put on-hold the work pending new information from ETSI.

6.2 Smart Metering and M3N


The ETSI Liaison Officer introduced document FM(11)114 which contained an LS and the latest draft of the Systems Reference Document TR 103 055 on Metropolitan Mesh Machine Networks (M3N) and Smart Metering (SM) applications in the UHF band.


This document describes the requirements of MESH type City-wide sensor networks also known as Machine to Machine networks (M3N).  These specific SRD devices are used in Smart City applications which operate in the 870 to 876 MHz band. It extends the vision for Smart Metering Requirements discussed in TR 102 886 and from SRDs in TR 102 649-2 to a wider set of applications.

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