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Denmark stated that the intended frequency band is designated for (digital) land mobile service and therefore can not be used by SRDs. The chairman responded that similar concerns were also expressed by other countries.


SRDoc was further discussed when presenting the results of the workshop on SRD/RFID and smart metering in UHF frequencies. WG FM agreed  to request SRD/MG to consider this SRDoc together with the other SRDocs for additional UHF SRDs/RFID and the SRDoc on Smart Metering presented during the previous WG FM meeting (TR 102 886 and from SRDs in TR 102 649-2).

6.3 Frequency management during sport events


The Chairman of the Correspondence group on major sport events presented the report (Doc. FM(11)107) regarding its activity.


The Correspondence group worked during March and April 2011 under coordination of The Russian Federation. There were two main topics for discussion: identification of currently available information on the frequency management during major sport events and the identification of appropriate ECC Deliverable(s).


With respect to the first item, several sources of such information were identified as available from several administrations and PT FM 22. As for the second issue administrations expressed their support for the development of an ECC Report to address the frequency management issues at sport events. The intention to further contribute to the development of an ECC Report was also expressed by some administrations.


The CG briefly discussed the structure of a possible ECC Report. Two possible options were presented in Doc. FM(11)107 for information.


WG FM chairman presented a LS from WGRA (doc.FM(11)106). WG RA was of the view that WG FM and WG RA should cooperate to update ECC Report 044 in order to include all information on practical arrangements concerning radio usage at special events into one Report.


The question on how to further progress on sport events issue was raised by the WG FM chairman.


Germany supported the development of ECC Report and proposed two options: either to allow FM22 to deal with this issue and to liaise with other groups as appropriate or to continue the work in the correspondence group.


The Netherlands asked for more clarification with regard to alternative options like a data base with contact persons from administrations and possible revision of ECC Report 44. The CG Chairman informed that these options were identified within the CG, however only support for the development of a new ECC Report was expressed and other options were not commented.


The CG Chairman proposed that further work may be concentrated on definition of a structure of the ECC Report. He noted that administrations have a lot of experience in frequency management at big sport events and in order to collect information and to present it in a suitable way in the ECC Report, he proposed to develop a questionnaire which could be aligned with the ECC Report structure.

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