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After several clarifications, a debate took place with respect to the proposed candidate frequency bands listed in the SRDoc (2360-2400 MHz, 2483.5-2500 MHz, 5150-5250 MHz, 5725-5850 MHz, 5850-5875 MHz and 5875-5925 MHz).


After some discussion, the WG FM agreed in principle to initiate spectrum compatibility studies for the applications described in the SRDoc. However, as concerns were expressed with regard to some of the frequency bands indentified, it was suggested that the SRD/MG and SE24, during their joint meeting on 7 September 2011 in Biel, should consider the frequency bands indentified in the SRDoc and to provide further guidance on the prioritisation of studies within these bands. The WG FM produced a Liaison Statement with this request which is contained in (see Annex 39).

6.5 Use of 3G on board of aircraft


Mr. Rogers (AeroMobile) introduced document INFO 010. AeroMobile provides GSM on-board services to an increasing number of major airlines and was seeking to include 3G connectivity as part of their service offering to passengers. WG FM was requested:

to review and update ECC/DEC/(06)07, in order to include the bands 1920-1980 MHz and 2110-2170 MHz, enabling the use of 3G base stations on-board aircraft;

to request WG SE to undertake the necessary technical studies and to update Report 093 as required.


An exchange of views took place. Many administrations supported the inclusion of 3G connectivity on-board aircraft, as it was considered a natural evolution from existing on-board GSM systems.


After consultation between the WG FM Chairman and the ECC Chairman, the WG FM agreed to request WG SE to develop additional technical studies, if needed, in view of authorising the use of IMT systems on-board aircraft. A Liaison Statement to be sent to WG SE was developed and agreed by WG FM (see Annex 40). The Liaison Statement was copied to ECC PT1 to ask for their assistance if requested by the WG SE; it was also copied to SE PT7 for information.


WG FM will ask ECC for approval to revise ECC/DEC(06)07 as appropriate. Norway offered to prepare a revision of this Decision for the next WG FM meeting in October in case such approval should be given, having in mind that the revised ECC Decision can only be approved for public consultation if information on to the sharing studies will have been received from the WG SE.


The WG FM also agreed to add this as a new Work Item to the FM Work Programme, if authorised by the ECC.

7Any other business

7.1Vice chairmanship of WG FM


See Section 2

7.2 ECO Bulletin


Mr. Thomas Weber (ECO) introduced the document on the ECO bulletin on “Ongoing/New Issues in Other Regions or Organisations” (INFO 006).  WG FM noted the document and its content.

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