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Mr. Thomas Weber) also introduced the document FM(11)082 on the ECO assistance to the WG FM. He highlighted in particular the shift to the new CEPT website and the following key dates and aspects:


for future meetings, the old meeting calendar is not updated any longer after 1 May 2011;


all future meetings as of the 1 July 2011 will make use of the new portal for the documentation as well as meeting registration;


Everybody is requested to create his own profile (1. step) and apply for group(s) membership (2. step); members will receive their own username/password by doing this and this replaces the old group password system.

7.3 ASA - Authorised Shared Access


Mr. Kip Meek made a presentation on “An evolutionary spectrum authorisation scheme for sustainable economic growth and consumer benefit” ( INFO 011). An Authorised Shared Access (ASA) concept was presented, developed by Mr. Meek together with Qualcomm and Nokia, with the aim to make a dynamic use of spectrum, whenever and wherever it is unused by incumbent users, on a shared and non-interference basis, subject to individual authorisation (i.e. licensed), in bands allocated to the Mobile Service by the ITU (and identified to IMT) and using cognitive radio techniques, i.e. geolocation databases complemented, if required, by sensing. CEPT technical harmonisation work was referred to be of key importance for the implementation of ASA. The spectrum sought for the application of the concept was the 2.3 GHz band (ASA shared with military / wireless cameras) and the 3.8 GHz band (ASA with satellites).


Mr. Kip Meek answered the questions that arose after the presentation, seeking clarification on market assessment, identification of further spectrum for mobile, use of cognitive radio techniques, management of complementary databases, complexity of radios required, database handling and CEPT intervention on reviewing the regulatory framework on a coordinated manner in Europe.


On behalf of WG FM, the Chairman thanked Mr. Meek for the presentation.


Mr. Tapio Penkkala (FIN) presented document FM(11)117 Rev.1, proposing a way forward with respect to the evaluation of the ASA concept. Furthermore it considered that the ASA concept was closely linked to cognitive radio, it was proposed that the correspondence group on cognitive radio systems (CRS) of WG FM analyses the ASA concept, develops a proposal about the possible way forward on the topic within CEPT and reports its findings back at the 73rd WG FM meeting. Many administrations supported the way forward as proposed by Finland.


After an exchange of views on the matter, WG FM concluded on the need to create a task to analyse the ASA concept, without linking it to any frequency band or existing concepts. WG FM requested the correspondence group on CRS to evaluate the ASA concept and to report back to WG FM during the 74th WG FM meeting on its findings.

7.4 Contribution to ITU-R on ITS


Germany submitted a proposal for a CEPT contribution to the forthcoming meetings of Working Parties 5A and 5B in June 2011 (Doc. FM(11)109). The aim is to revise Recommendation ITU-

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