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DEC/(11)02 on “Industrial Level Probing Radars (LPR) operating in frequency bands 6-8.5 GHz, 24.05-26.5 GHz, 57-64 GHz and 75-85 GHz”.

The ECC approved for publication the CEPT Report 38 in response to the Permanent EC Mandate on SRD.

The ECC tasked WG FM to develop a proper justification of the frequency band for Broadband DA2GC.

The ECC forwarded to WG FM correspondence group on CRS for consideration a document from TERRA proposing to avoid duplication of work and to start cooperation in the field of scenario consideration.

The ECC agreed to the WG FM proposal to abrogate ERC Decisions (96)02, (98)11 and (98)16 dealing with PR27 equipment as well as ERC Decisions (01)02, (01)03, (01)07, (01)10, and (01)16 relating to short range device applications.

The ECC decided to task WG FM to analyse the situation with regard to unnecessary transmissions of PMR446 equipment and authorised WG FM to amend the ECC Decision (98)25 if this was required.

The ECC established a procedure between WG FM and WG RA for covering frequency and licence exemption matters in the existing and new ECC Decisions, and also decided that ECC/DEC/(00)06 should be reviewed by WG RA when relevant IMT related ECC Decisions will be reviewed by WG FM.

The ECC included into the RoP and WM the instruction for sending ECC deliverables to ETSI after having approved them for public consultation or when they are finally approved.


The meeting took onboard the results of the 28th ECC meeting. The Chairman of WG FM correspondence group on CRS informed the meeting that the corresponding group hasn’t received the above mentioned TERRA document.  

5Issues in Progress

5.1 FM PT 22 (Monitoring)

5.1.1 Progress Report


Mr. Ralf Trautmann (D), the Chairman of FM PT 22, presented document FM(11)092, the progress report of FM PT 22. The last meeting of the Project Team was held in Montreux, Switzerland on the 12-14 April 2011.


FM PT 22 had discussed the situation regarding agenda items “Practical considerations for mobile monitoring stations” and “On-site inspections”. The project team proposed to stop the activities regarding mobile monitoring stations but to continue the work on an ECC Report on on-site inspections. The meeting approved these proposals.


Mr. Ralf Trautmann reported that the monitoring campaign in the 6 MHz band, requested by FM PT 46, had been finalised and that FM PT 46 asked for a new monitoring campaign in the 8 MHz band.


FM PT 22 identified during its last meeting some items which should be further discussed by the Project Teams FM 22 and RA 1.

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