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The next meeting of FM PT 22 is going to be held 4 – 7 October 2011 in Split, Croatia, including on October 5th, a joint FM 22 / RA 1 meeting.

5.1.2 Interference to aeronautical service


Mr. Ralf Trautmann introduced document FM(11)073, containing conclusions from the questionnaire on statistics and trends for RF interferences to aeronautical services within  the year 2010. The questionnaire had been developed on request and in close co-operation with Eurocontrol. Document FM(11)073 summarises the answers of 15 administrations. These conclusions and the later arriving results of 3 further administrations had also been reported to Eurocontrol.


The answers to the questionnaire show big differences regarding the number of interference cases and their distribution over the various bands. The main reasons are the different appointment of responsibilities between aviation authorities and spectrum management organisations and their different level of co-operation in the various CEPT countries. The main cause for interference cases was found being aviation internal. The number of interference cases regarding emergency frequencies substantially decreased since these frequencies are not supervised anymore by the COSPAS/SARSAT system.


The Chairman encouraged administrations to resolve interference problems in this important field.


Denmark could not identify any benefit of Doc. FM(11)073 and  their concerns, already expressed at the last meeting, were confirmed.


The meeting noted the document.

5.1.3 Terms of Reference


Mr. Ralf Trautmann proposed in Document FM(11)072 an amendment of the Terms of Reference of the Project Team. The rationale is that spectrum monitoring organisations are not only observing the spectrum but are also involved in interference investigation and inspections of radio stations. The term “field operation” points out the difference to laboratory measurements. The term “including assistance at major events” corresponds to a work item which is also discussed in the ITU-R Working Party 1C on spectrum monitoring.


The Chairman identified a close relation to agenda item 6.3. Therefore it was concluded to decide on the Terms of Reference in conjunction with that agenda item.


As a result of comments made by various administrations, a drafting group was installed to improve the document before the discussion of agenda item 6.3 took place.


As a result of the discussions under agenda item 6.3, the meeting slightly revised item # 4 of the proposal (see Annex 05).

5.1.4 SRD monitoring campaign


Mr. Ralf Trautmann  introduced in Document FM(11)071 the report on the monitoring campaign on the band 863-870 MHz as requested by SRD/MG and SE 24. The aim of the 3rd phase of the monitoring campaign was to investigate the actual use of the band and to find trends by comparing the results with the first two phases of the campaign.


Mr. Ralf Trautmann highlighted the difference between channel occupancy and band/sub-band occupancy figures in order to avoid misinterpretation of the report.

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