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The report shows the results of mobile measurements over 3 sub-bands in the city of Amsterdam. Other new features of the report are the occupancy histograms that complement the traditional occupancy charts and the tables and the comparison of occupancy figures of different phases of the campaign. All monitoring results are available at http://apps.ero.dk/shortband/srd3.


The report that had also been sent to SRD/MG comes to the conclusion that there is no evidence of congestion of the measured band and that due to the small changes in occupancy the findings in the reports on phases 1 and 2 are still valid. FM PT 22 proposes not to start a new monitoring campaign before market changes are noticed.


Italy mentioned that the activity factors of SRD equipment may be more relevant than occupancy figures. Therefore Italy proposed to send the report also to ETSI STF 411.


Germany indicated that it would not be possible to obtain reliable market figures. So it would be reasonable to repeat the monitoring campaign on an annually basis. The Chairman of FM PT 22 responded that his project team would be able to do so if requested by SRD/MG.


The meeting noted the report that will be discussed in more detail by SRD/MG during their next meeting.

5.2 FM PT 38 (PMR/PAMR)

5.2.1 Progress Report


The Chairman of FM PT38, Mr. Tapio Penkkala (FIN), presented the progress report from the Project Team (Document FM(11)086). FM PT38 had worked by correspondence and the main topics had been the draft Terms of Reference for the new FM PT on PPDR, need for further work with GSM-R and the results of public consultation of the draft new ECC Decision on Citizens' Band Radio (CB). Review of ECC Decisions and Recommendations ECC Decisions for review


WG FM took into account and agreed with the FM PT38 proposals on the review of Decisions (see Annex 06). ECC Recommendations review


WG FM took into account and agreed with the FM PT38 proposals on the review of Recommendations (see Annex 07).

5.2.2 Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR)


As agreed by WG FM in February 2011, the work with the PPDR will continue within WG FM in the new Project Team FM49 dealing in particular with broadband high speed PPDR.


The EC Counsellor Mr. Ari Sorsaniemi (EC) presented a summary report from the EU Workshop on "The future of PPDR services in Europe" (Doc. INFO4)


FM PT38 had developed draft Terms of Reference for the new Project Team as given in document FM(11)087.


Sweden presented document FM(11)102 proposing elements to be included in the Terms of Reference.

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