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Germany presented document FM(11)108 proposing amendments and revisions to the draft ToR developed by FM PT38.


WG FM considered these input documents and agreed to use the German proposal as a basis for further discussions in a drafting group, taking also the Swedish proposals and the discussions of the meeting into account.


WG FM considered the outcome of the drafting group and adopted the Terms of Reference for the new FM PT49 on PPDR (see Annex 05).


Germany informed the meeting that Mr. Peter Buttenschön (D) was candidate for the chairmanship of the new FM PT49.


WG FM thanked Germany for offering a chairman and appointed Mr. Peter Buttenschön as chairman of FM PT49.


The first meeting of FM PT 49 will take place in Germany on 27-28 September 2011.

5.2.3 Citizens' Band Radio (CB)


Public consultation of the draft new ECC Decision on CB radio had ended 23 April 2011 and the ECO presented a summary of the comments received during the consultation (Doc.FM(11)076rev1).


Comments from Austria and Switzerland were included in the Decision and the comment from Spain was noted.


Concerning the Harmonised Standard EN 300 135, WG FM agreed that the reference to this standard should be deleted from the CB Decision after the standard has been withdrawn.


It was questioned why the five frequencies 26.995 MHz, 27.045 MHz, 27.095 MHz, 27.145 MHz and 27.195 MHz (10 kHz channels) have been excluded.


WG FM noted that these frequencies have been excluded because of other use of the frequencies (Recommendation 70-30 Annex 8 - model control, Annex 4 - Railway applications etc). It was also noted that these frequencies have been excluded in the previous ERC Decisions on PR-27 and in the relevant standards.


WG FM approved the new ECC Decision on CB radio to be submitted to the ECC for final approval and publication (see Annex 08).

5.2.4 GSM-R


WG FM noted the Liaison Statement from WG SE (Doc. FM(11)097) that the new ECC Report 162 on "Practical mechanism to improve the compatibility between GSM-R and public mobile networks and guidance on practical coordination" had been approved and published.


WG FM had agreed in its meeting in Luxembourg that the need for further work on GSM-R within WG FM would be discussed in the May 2011 meeting, when the new ECC Report is published.


Mr Schattschneider from the UIC presented document FM(11)112 inviting WG FM to consider the work carried out so far and to decide on the next steps about possible regulatory implications. The UIC also pointed out the importance to take into account the operational aspects of the railways.

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