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Slip-Coat – temporary cargo barrier

Slip-Coat is a water based liquid product specially formulated to leave a thin, temporary film on cargo hold surfaces. The film provides a barrier between the cargo and the cargo hold surfaces making the cleaning operation after unloading quicker and easier, and optimal cleaning result is achieved. Slip-Coat is safe to the environment and to the personnel handling it, and will not contaminant the cargo. It is non-corrosive and safe on all coatings.

How it works After drying, Slip-Coat creates a thin, non-sticky film on the cargo hold surfaces. The film substantially facilitate the cleaning before next cargo in two ways: 1. The film fills the minute pores in the surface, and prevents that small particles are trapped in the pores. 2. Small, solid particles can be very difficult to remove especially from organic coatings, even with the use of effective cleaning agents and high pressure water jets. The reason is the build up of electromagnetic forces, and some times the only way to remove the particles is by scrubbing. Slip-Coat provides a barrier between the particles and the surface that minimize this problem, and the particles may now be removed with high pressure water only. The film is completely water soluble and is easy to remove even with cold sea water. To avoid re-deposition of contaminants a cleaning agent should be used, but at lower dosage rates than what normally is required. Slip-Coat may also be sprayed on deck, superstructure and other areas exposed to dust during loading and unloading operations.

Directions for Use and Dose Rates The cargo hold surfaces should be as clean and dry as possible before treatment. Slip-Coat is supplied at ready-to use concentration and may be applied directly from the drum. Spray the liquid on the cargo hold surfaces by the use of suitable low- pressure spraying equipment. As soon as the surface appears water wet, a proper film is created; do not apply more than necessary. 1 litre Slip-Coat will cover 15-20 m2. Allow the film to dry completely before loading the cargo. Depending on air temperature and humidity this will take 1 to 2 hours. After reloading, apply a 2 – 5% solution of a cleaning agent in water to avoid re-deposition of contaminants, and finally flush with clean, high pressure water. Suitable cleaning agents are: Aquatuff (Product no. 651 607826 and 651 607827) Aquatuff High Foam (Product no. 652 736991 and 652 737007) Aquabreak PX (on zinc silicate coatings, Product no. 651 575613 and 651 607827). After flushing with water, let the surfaces dry and then repeat the treatment with applying Slip-Coat before next cargo.

Product Properties APPEARANCE: DENSITY, in g/cm3 at 15°C: FLASH POINT, (PMCC) in °C: pH, in conc:

Clear, slightly viscous liquid 1.01 N/A 6

COMPATIBILITY: Metal: No known effect Coatings: No known effect Rubber: No known effect.

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